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Hansen Orchards

Hansen Orchards

Opening up a new market for growth.

Opening up a new market for growth.

For family owned Hansen Orchards in the Huon Valley, Tasmania, diversification, innovation and quality control have been key to tackling the numerous challenges facing Tasmania's highly regarded fruit industry.

Working in an industry facing higher costs of production, freight costs, a consistently high Australian dollar affecting exports, and international competition within the lucrative Asian market (in particular), Hansen Orchards knew they had to take a close look at their processes, business strategies and overall direction. 

"We're definitely in a strong position today to strengthen the growing global demand and recognition for premium Tasmanian cherries and apples."

– Howard Hansen, Managing Director, Hansen Orchards

While their high-quality apples served well for three generations of their business, they were looking for new sources of long-term growth.

A bite of the cherry

As such, efforts were made to identify opportunities beyond apples. And ultimately, cherries were chosen as having the highest potential. Today, into their 4th generation of family owners, Hansen Orchards is one of Australia's largest cherry producers and sellers. They're also one of very few cherry suppliers in the world that can produce and distribute cherries to any market in the world during February.

Their commitment and investment in quality control and their ability to distribute to the consumer within a day of the fruit being picked, through innovative approaches is impressive. Recently, they added world-class quality control machinery to the packing process – only the 2nd in the world!

With the help of KPMG providing, independent family business advice (a relationship that's existed for 15 years), Hansen Orchard's have been able to capitalise on new market opportunities, enhance their business processes and practices, and achieve their growth ambitions.