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Climate Change

Climate Change

We increase awareness of climate change impacts on our economy, environment and society to encourage action, while reducing our environmental impacts.

We increase awareness of climate change while reducing our own environmental impacts.

Climate change

KPMG recognises the challenges and impacts climate change and environmental sustainability presents to our people, clients and community.

KPMG International is a global signatory to the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and KPMG Australia is a founding member of the UNGC Network Australia. Consistent with the environmental principles of the UNGC, KPMG is committed to:

  • supporting a precautionary approach to environmental challenges
  • undertaking initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility
  • encouraging the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies. 

Delivering on our commitments – the Global Climate Response

KPMG International announced the Global Climate Response (previously known as the Global Green Initiative) in 2008. It was the first public global strategy by a Big Four firm in response to climate change and other environmental challenges focused on reducing our carbon emissions globally.

Our Climate Change Response

Climate Change Strategy FY18-22

On World Environment Day 2017, we launched KPMG Australia’s first climate change strategy. The Strategy entitled ‘Activating our Climate Change Response’ sets out our vision and commitments for addressing climate change and achieving our net carbon emissions per FTE reduction target of 10 percent by 2020.

As a professional services firm our environmental impact is small compared with many other industries. But our clients, our people and other stakeholders still expect us to minimise our impact, and as a responsible business whose operations ultimately rely on natural resources, we want to do our bit to help protect the environment.

The strategy is designed to:

  • Improve climate and environmental outcomes – We will improve climate and environmental outcomes by reducing our carbon emissions, protecting and conserving nature and reducing our energy use, business travel, recycling rate and water consumption.
  • Engage our people and clients – We will engage our people by enhancing their knowledge on climate change and then empowering them to engage directly with clients, informing them of KPMG’s climate change impacts and initiatives.
  • Drive cultural change – We will drive cultural change within KPMG by encouraging our people to make more environmentally sustainable, low carbon decisions at work, and ultimately at home.
  • Report our climate change performance – We will report our climate change performance by meeting our Global Climate Response (“GCR”) requirements, expanding our voluntary disclosure program and improving our internal reporting.