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Nationwide Building Society blazes new trails

Nationwide Building Society blazes new trails

In 2010, Nationwide set out on a pioneering journey to transform customer experience. Today, the building society is one of the top-10 best service brands in Britain, climbing more than 40 places in our ‘Customer Experience Excellence’ rankings.

KPMG has been working with Nationwide along the way, helping them to create a new technology platform to enable them to understand what customers feel about the service they’ve received, right at the moment when the interaction is complete. That’s especially important to an organization that is owned by its customers. Our sophisticated analytics are designed to sift customer comments from online surveys and telephone interviews to measure satisfaction levels, identify the root causes of issues and identify priorities for improvement.

Our professionals have used these insights to help managers in Nationwide branches and call centers create practical action plans to resolve issues and improve the customer experience. When combined with Nationwide’s focus on service culture, we’ve helped them become a truly customer-centric business that sets the bar on customer experience across sectors, not just in banking.

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