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Keeping High-Speed Rail Authority on track

Keeping High-Speed Rail Authority on track

The potential benefits of connecting San Francisco and Los Angeles with the nation’s first ever high-speed rail system are enormous: benefits include economic development, a cleaner environment, job creation, and the preservation of agricultural and protected lands.

To achieve these goals, the state established the California High-Speed Rail Authority (CHSRA). CHSRA is responsible for planning, designing, building, and managing the high-speed rail system as a self-sustaining commercial enterprise with no government operating subsidies. That called for sound long-term financial, commercial, and business advice. The first priority was a transparent plan featuring a segmented development and funding strategy strong enough to address public and stakeholder review.

We’re now helping CHSRA transition from a planning organization into a megaproject delivery organization. Supported by strong infrastructure planning, commercial strategy, financial analysis and reporting, and contract management processes, we’re helping to bring this pioneering project to fruition. California is on course to meet its 21st-century transportation needs.

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