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Puget Sound Energy: powering reliable service

Puget Sound Energy: powering reliable service

Puget Sound Energy--an electric and natural-gas company in Washington State--needed to strengthen its ability to plan and report financial results, drive greater financial transparency, and provide more robust financial data to support business decisions. The transformation required implementation of a common software platform and a consistent budgeting tool that employees from the back office to those managing maintenance and capital projects in the field could use the plan and report their budgets.

We got the call because the company's leaders knew we would tell them what they needed to hear - not what we thought they wanted to hear. Then we rolled up our sleeves, created a team of specialists, and got to work planning, managing, and then rolling out the software update.

Today, the company's budgeting and reporting processes have improved significantly. And although back-office software and processes are transparent to the millions of people who rely on the company for electric and natural-gas energy, these improvements will help ensure that they continue to receive reliable, cost-effective service.

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