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  • Israel Aloni

    Israel Aloni: Director, Cyber Security, KPMG in Israel

    Israel Aloni is responsible for new solutions, services and technology alliances within the KPMG Cyber Security practice in Israel. He specializes in cyber security, fraud detection and prevention, and security operations. His experience includes professional services, solution architecture, product management, consulting portfolio strategy and technology-rich consulting engagements.

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  • Erik Arvnes

    Erik Arvnes: Partner, Forensic Services, KPMG Norway

    Erik is responsible for the Investigation & Compliance practice at KPMG Norway. He is specialized in Anti-Bribery and Corruption, Corporate Investigations, Human Rights and Third Party Integrity Due Diligence.

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  • Alan Barr

    Alan Barr: Partner, Head of Family Business, KPMG in South Africa

    Alan Barr is the Managing Partner of the Eastern Cape region and the Head of Family Business for KPMG in South Africa. He is a passionate and trusted business advisor that adds value to his clients through his various roles as family business advisor, audit partner and leader.

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  • Darina Barrett

    Darina Barrett: Leadership, Head of Asset Management, EMEA Region; Head of FS Markets for KPMG Ireland and leads the firm’s financial services practice.

    Darina is the Head of Asset Management, EMEA Region; Head of FS Markets for KPMG Ireland and leads the firm’s financial services practice. A partner with KPMG’s financial services team, Darina has over 25 years’ experience providing audit and advisory services to international clients with a specific focus on alternatives, ETFs and FinTech.

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  • Steve Bates

    Steve Bates: Leadership, Global Leader, KPMG’s CIO Center of Excellence, KPMG International and Principal, KPMG in the US

    Focused predominately on the intersection of business, finance and technology, Steve focuses on helping organizations realize the greatest value out of their technology investments in the digital era. Steve leads KPMG's global CIO Center of Excellence where KPMG member firms help clients to develop future-ready capabilities and solutions.

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  • Stephen Beatty

    Stephen Beatty: Leadership, Chair, Global Infrastructure (Non-Exec) and Cities Center of Excellence

    Over the past 32-years in the infrastructure sector, Stephen has worked on engagements across six continents. His experience includes, negotiations on complex projects and leading major transactions.

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  • Michelle Berners Price

    Michelle Berners Price: Director, EMA Head of Business Travel Services, KPMG in the UK

    A trusted advisor to senior executives with a primary focus on the financial services industry.

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  • Sean Bloodwell

    Sean Bloodwell: Partner, Head of Global Compliance Management Services, KPMG International and Partner, KPMG in the US

    Sean Bloodwell is the Head of KPMG's Global Compliance Management Services.

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  • Kevin Bolen

    Kevin Bolen: Author, U.S. Leader, Strategic Investments

    Kevin is a results-oriented, global leader with a proven track record of spotting and capitalizing on innovative new growth opportunities and transforming disrupted business models.

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  • Robert Bolton

    Robert Bolton: Partner, Global People and Change Centre of Excellence

    Robert is a partner in KPMG’s Global People and Change Centre of Excellence where he delivers world-class HRolutions to the firm’s global clients. He has more than 20 years of experience in management and consulting, developing strategically differentiated HR functions that can bring value to their business.

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  • Larry Bradley

    Larry Bradley: Leadership, Global Head of Audit

    Larry is the Global Head of Audit for KPMG International, a role he also held from 2013-2015. He has been with KPMG for 37 years and has spent nearly 25 years as an SEC reviewing partner, KPMG’s designation for its top technical partners, on numerous Global and Fortune 500 companies.

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  • Mark Britnell

    Mark Britnell: Leadership, Global Head and Senior Partner, Healthcare, Government & Infrastructure

    Mark is one of the foremost global experts on healthcare systems. He has led organizations at the local, regional, national and global levels – provider and payer, public and private. Mark is also the author of two books, "In Search of the Perfect Healthcare System" and "Human: Solving the Global Workforce Crisis in Healthcare".

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  • Tom Brown

    Tom Brown: Leadership, Global and UK Head of Asset Management

    Tom is a former Partner in KPMG’s Financial Sector Practice in London since 1999. He led the global Audit, Tax and Advisory business.

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  • Christopher Brown

    Christopher Brown: Director, Global Strategy Group

    Chris is a Director leading KPMG's Global Strategy Group in Ireland. He has 15 years of professional experience, including providing Growth Strategy, Deal Strategy and Enterprise-wide Transformation to corporates, family businesses, private equity and the public sector. Chris has a focus on consumer and industrial sectors, particularly where both intersect in health and food products and services.

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  • Brad Brown

    Brad Brown: Partner, Global Head of Tax Technology & Innovation

    Brad leads KPMG’s Tax Transformation and Technology practice.

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  • Marc Burrows

    Marc Burrows: Partner, Head of Global Mobility Services, KPMG International and Partner, KPMG in the UK

    Marc started his career in Global Mobility Services for KPMG in Australia followed by 8 years with KPMG in Switzerland.

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  • Ellen Campana

    Ellen Campana: Director, Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Engineering practice, KPMG in the US

    Ellen Campana, Ph.D is a Director in KPMG’s Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Engineering practice. She has been building conversational A.I. systems for 20 years, including a system for NASA, one that later became Siri, Oakley eyewear, and various systems for Top 5 banks, health care payers, major retailers, and back office for all verticals.

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  • Judd Caplain

    Judd Caplain: Leadership, Global Head of Banking & Capital Markets

    Judd Caplain is KPMG’s Head of Global Banking & Capital Markets and Global Lead Partner for a top global financial services company headquartered in the U.S. Judd has over 20 years of experience in the Financial Services industry.

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  • Ross Colbert

    Ross Colbert: Expert, Consumer Beverage Sector

    Ross is focused on the Global Consumer Beverage sector for the Global M&A network and is based in the New York, NY office. Ross has 30+ years of experience and has completed over 75 beverage industry transactions.

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  • Matteo Colombo

    Matteo Colombo: Expert, Data, Analytics, and AI

    Matteo is a principal in the Advisory Practice for KPMG in the US. As a leader in the KPMG Lighthouse; a Data and Analytics (D&A) Solution Center that supports all related service areas firm-wide, Matteo is responsible for D&A sales enablement across the US firm, as well as KPMG’s D&A relationship with Microsoft globally.

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  • Sefton Darby

    Sefton Darby: Author, Associate Director, Human Rights and Social Impact / Social risk and impact assessment, community engagement, public policy

    Sefton Darby works in KPMG Banarra in Australia, the firm’s human rights and social impact group. He helps organizations listen to communities and manage social risks.

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  • Raluca Enache

    Raluca Enache: Director, KPMG's EU Tax Centre, KPMG in the Netherlands

    Raluca is a member of KPMG's EU Tax Centre, based in Amsterdam. Raluca has over 12 years experience in EU and international direct tax law, more recently with a focus on anti-abuse measures and transparency initiatives, including the EU Mandatory Disclosure Rules, the OECD MLI, EU anti-abuse legislation and state aid issues. Before joining the EU Tax Centre, Raluca worked in KPMG’s financial services tax practice and spent three years in London advising institutional investors as part of the global operational taxes team of a large banking and financial services group.

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  • Mary Jo Fedy

    Mary Jo Fedy: Author, National Enterprise Leader, KPMG in Canada

    Mary Jo is the National Leader of KPMG Enterprise in Canada and Managing Partner of KPMG's office in Waterloo. With over 35 years' experience in public practice she has focused on serving privately held companies and owner managed businesses. As a KPMG Enterprise business adviser, she provides hands-on service in financing, strategic planning, budget strategic planning, attestation services, tax planning & compliance.

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  • Patrick Fenton

    Patrick Fenton: Leadership, Global Head of the Financial Management Center of Excellence

    Patrick helps organizations to optimise the performance of their Finance functions.

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  • David Ferbrache

    David Ferbrache: Leadership, Global Head of Cyber Futures, KPMG in the UK

    David is an award winning cyber security professional with 30 years of experience. Prior to joining KPMG he was the Head of Cyber & Space for the UK Ministry of Defence. He has contributed to national cyber security strategies, led international collaborations, built cyber organizations, ran research programs, advised clients across sectors, and been a frequent public speaker. He chairs the Scottish National Cyber Board.

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  • Susan Ferrier

    Susan Ferrier: Leadership, Former Global Head of People

    Susan Ferrier was KPMG’s former Global Head of People. She sat on the firm’s Global Management Team and was responsible for leading the design, development and implementation of our leading-edge Talent Strategy for all 207,000 of our people.

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  • Liz Forsyth

    Liz Forsyth: Leadership, Global Head, Infrastructure, Government and Healthcare, KPMG International Limited

    In her role, Liz uses global and local insights to help firms’ clients address challenges with the aim of producing better outcomes for citizens and the communities within which they reside.

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  • Stuart Fuller

    Stuart Fuller: Leadership, Global Head of Legal Services and ASPAC Regional Leader for Legal Services

    Stuart joined as the Head of KPMG Law in March 2018, and was appointed the Global Head of Legal Services in August 2019. He is also the Asia Pacific Regional Leader for Legal Services.

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  • Doug Gates

    Douglas Gates: Leadership, Global Sector Chair, Industrial Manufacturing and Aerospace and Defense and Sponsor for Global i4.0

    Doug has over 36 years of experience in both consulting and industry positions. He is currently the Global Chair of KPMG’s Industrial Manufacturing Industry Sector which includes Aerospace & Defense, Engineering & Industrial Products, Metals and Conglomerates.

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  • Alexander Geschonneck

    Alexander Geschonneck: Partner, Corporate Governance Services, KPMG in Germany

    Alexander Geschonneck is responsible for the products and technology strategy within the KPMG Corporate Governance Services. He is specialized in internal investigations, anti-fraud, anti-money laundering, white collar crime, IT forensics and cybercrime. Alexander is member of the KPMG Global Forensic Steering Group.

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  • Monique Giese

    Monique Giese: Partner, Corporate Tax Services, Global Lead Shipping

    Monique Giese is a Corporate & International Tax Partner. She has specialized in national and international taxation since 2002 and joint KPMG in 2006. She has specific experience in the Shipping and Transport Industry, having worked in Corporate & International Tax Consulting services across maritime, shipping and logistics.

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  • Tim Gillis

    Tim Gillis: Leadership, Head of Global Indirect Tax Services and Head of Global Tax Technology

    Tim has over 25 years of professional experience as an auditor, lawyer, and tax professional, serving Fortune 500 and mid-market companies in diverse industries. He joined KPMG as a partner in 1998, he is a 2006 graduate of the firm’s C25 leadership development program and he is a member of the Board of Directors for KPMG LLP.

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  • Simon Gleave

    Simon Gleave: Author, Head of Financial Services, KPMG Asia Pacific

    Simon is the Head of the Financial Services for KPMG Asia Pacific, based in Beijing. He has been involved in IPO projects as well as reorganization and disposal of distressed assets within banks across Europe and Asia.

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  • Fabiano Gobbo

    Fabiano Gobbo: Author, Global Leader, Financial Risk Management, KPMG International and Partner, KPMG in Italy

    Fabiano is the Global Financial Risk Management Leader and Head of Financial Risk Management for KPMG in Italy. He uses his quantitative expertise to provide assistance to clients in the management of various types of risk, and currently leads the development of a suite of solutions designed to help guide clients through Risk Function Transformation, Data Driven Transformation and Model Risk Management.

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  • Mark Goodburn

    Mark Goodburn: Leadership, Former Head of Global Advisory

    As former Global Head of Advisory, Mark is focused on helping clients succeed by driving growth, managing risks and enhancing their performance.

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  • Fiona Grandi

    Fiona Grandi: Expert, National Managing Partner, Innovation & Enterprise Solutions (I&ES)

    Fiona is the National Managing Partner for Innovation & Enterprise Solutions where she is responsible for the cultural, strategic, and financial advancement of KPMG's innovation imperatives.

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  • Paul Harnick

    Paul Harnick: Leadership, Global Head of Chemicals & Performance Technologies

    Paul Harnick is the Global Head of Chemicals and Performance Technologies for KPMG. He is also Head of Chemicals for KPMG in the UK and KPMG’s Global Lead Relationship Partner for INEOS and SABIC. Paul has spent his entire career advising multinational companies in the chemical industry across all aspects of business strategy and operational process improvement.

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  • Trevor Hart

    Trevor Hart: Leadership, Global Head of Mining

    Trevor Hart has been an audit Partner for 17 years, with 27 years of experience with KPMG, and as a senior leader in the Australian firm. His client roles have been heavily focused in the mining sector, where he has also assisted with a number of capital markets transactions for miners raising equity or debt together with mergers and acquisitions and contract dispute matters.

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  • Laura Hay

    Laura Hay: Leadership, Global Head of Insurance

    Laura is KPMG's Global Head of Insurance. She has over 30 years of experience in the insurance industry, focusing on audit, advisory, and actuarial services. Prior to her current role, she was the National Insurance Leader for KPMG in the US and a former member of their Board of Directors. Laura is passionate about inclusion and diversity in the workplace and actively mentors female leaders from around the globe.

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  • Mike Hayes

    Mike Hayes: Leadership, Global Leader of Renewables

    Mike advises clients in the Renewable Energy, Infrastructure and Asset Management sectors (principally Alternative Investments). He focuses on domestic and international corporate tax advisory (and is a specialist in inbound US tax planning). Mike is part of the global leadership team for tax on KPMG's Renewable Energy group and is also a member of the Firm’s Global Steering Group for Alternative Investments.

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  • Sophie Heading

    Sophie Heading: Expert, Global Geopolitics Lead, Global Clients and Markets

    Sophie leads KPMG’s efforts globally to help companies and governments deal with today’s geopolitical challenges.

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  • Julio Hernandez

    Julio Hernandez: Leadership, Global Head of Customer Advisory

    Julio focuses on helping organizations think about how to engage the marketplace and attract, convert and keep customers to fuel profitable growth. He also works with businesses from across the globe to help them design and deliver relevant customer experiences that drive engagement and result in sustainable customer relationships.

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  • Miriam Hernandez-Kakol

    Miriam Hernandez-Kakol: Leadership, Global Head of Management Consulting

    Miriam is the global head of Management Consulting and plays a significant, strategic role in building and executing the firms strategy, and continuing the business’ double-digit growth momentum. Miriam is a champion for diversity and women’s leadership initiatives and serves on several boards and advisory committees.

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  • Steve Hill

    Steve Hill: Leadership, Global Head of Innovation

    Steve Hill is responsible for the life cycle of innovation, which includes trends and disruption analysis, organic growth, corporate development, and investment management. He meshes the art and science of innovation to drive market relevance and sustainable growth.

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  • Alex Holt

    Alex Holt: Leadership, Global Head, Telecom & Media

    Alex is an Advisory Principal in the Silicon Valley office and Global Head of Telecom & Media for KPMG. He leads a large team working with major organizations across the sector serving deals through tax, audit and management consulting engagements. Alex spent 15 years in the tech, telecoms and media industry in a series of executive roles harnessing the power of digital for the benefit of investors and customers.

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  • Andra Ilie

    Andra Ilie: Author, Senior Manager, Family Office and Governance

    Andra works closely with families and family offices, supporting them in managing their businesses, their wealth and understanding their aspirations. Andra takes a holistic approach when advising clients, focusing on family longer term succession planning and family governance.

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  • Ravi Jayanti

    Ravi Jayanti: Author, Cyber

    Ravi is member of KPMG UK’s Cyber team in Scotland, with a specialism in financial services. Ravi has also taken on a role supporting KPMG International’s Global Cyber strategic agenda, working on the cyber innovation programme, start up engagement and emerging technology SME communities. He enjoys writing and cooking in his spare time, public speaking as part of Toastmasters, and likes to walk and swim.

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  • Sharon Katz-Pearlman

    Sharon Katz-Pearlman: Partner, Head of Global Tax Dispute Resolution & Controversy Services, KPMG International and Partner, KPMG in the US

    Sharon Katz-Pearlman is the National Principal-in-Charge of KPMG LLP's Tax Dispute Resolution practice in the U.S.

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  • Michael Krajecki

    Michael Krajecki: Author, Advisory Managing Director, Emerging Technologies, KPMG in the US

    Mike is Managing Director, Emerging Technologies, KPMG in the US. He helps lead the development of solutions related to disruptive technologies, including connected medical devices and wearables. Mike helps clients architect, operate, and assess emerging technology, connected products and services involving ecosystems of cloud platforms, mobile apps and software.

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  • Jonathan Lavender

    Jonathan Lavender: Leadership, Global Head of KPMG Private Enterprise and Head of Markets

    Jonathan has over 17 years of experience working with private multinational companies, startups, as well as PE & VC Funds operating in several sectors, such as financial services, technology, life sciences.

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  • Rodney Lawrence

    Rodney Lawrence: Partner, Head of International Tax, KPMG International and Partner, KPMG in the US

    Rodney is the Global Leader for KPMG's International Tax Services practice and a member of KPMG's global tax leadership team.

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  • Jane Lawrie

    Jane Lawrie: Leadership, Global Head of Corporate Affairs

    Jane Lawrie joined KPMG International as the Global Head of Corporate Affairs on 10 October 2019. With more than 30 years’ communications experience, Jane has worked for global brands and focused on stewarding businesses to make the right decisions to protect and shape reputation.

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  • Olaf Leurs

    Olaf Leurs: Partner, KPMG Meijburg & Co, KPMG in the Netherlands

    Olaf Leurs is a Partner at KPMG Meijburg & Co and works with large private and family-owned business clients providing a range of tax and business advisory services.

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  • Jim Liddy

    Jim Liddy: Leadership, Chairman, Global Financial Services

    Jim serves as Chairman of KPMG’s Global Financial Services practice and leads the FS practice for KPMG in the U.S. Additionally, Jim heads a global project related to audit quality, with particular focus on KPMG’s portfolio of Global Systemically Important Financial Institutions (G-SIFIs) and Domestic Systemically Important Financial Institutions (D-SIFIs).

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  • Greg Limb

    Greg Limb: Partner, UK Head of Private Client and Global Head of Family Office and Private Client

    Greg has been a Partner since 2008 and is Head of KPMG’s Private Client team in London. Greg has over 25 years of practical tax experience and specializes in advising individuals, Family Offices (both UK and international), entrepreneurs, shareholders and Private Equity executives on their personal tax issues and takes a pro-active and innovative approach to tax planning.

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  • Bonn Liu

    Bonn Liu: Author, Head of Asset Management, KPMG Asia Pacific

    Bonn heads KPMG’s Asset Management in Asia Pacific and China, in addition to leading the Capital Markets sector in China and Financial Services in Hong Kong.

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  • Nicola Longfield

    Nicola Longfield: Leadership, Deal Advisory, Global Consumer & Retail Lead

    Nicola is KPMG’s Global Deal Advisory C&R Lead and she also leads Transactions Services for KPMG in the UK. She has 20 years of experience with KPMG as a Deal Advisory specialist, advising corporate and private equity clients on sell-side, buy-side, IPO and refinancing projects. Nicola has a deep knowledge of the C&R sector and understanding of the global economic landscape, having worked on numerous cross- border transactions across the globe.

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  • Mary Lou Maher

    Mary Lou Maher: Leadership, Global Head of Inclusion & Diversity

    Mary Lou is the Canadian Managing Partner, Quality & Risk Management and the Global Head of Inclusion & Diversity at KPMG.

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  • Don Mailliard

    Don Mailliard: Leadership, Global Executive Sponsor – Powered Enterprise

    Donald Mailliard is a major pillar of KPMG’s Management Consulting service group with nearly 30 years of experience enabling business operations through strategy, process improvement, and information technology.

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  • Regina Mayor

    Regina Mayor: Leadership, Global and U.S. Head of Energy and Natural Resources

    Regina Mayor is KPMG’s Global and U.S. Head of Energy. She has more than 25 years of experience delivering large scale business and technology changes to major oil companies around the world and has significant depth and expertise in strategy, business transformation and utilities, process and organizational redesign.

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  • Jim McAveeney

    Jim McAveeney: Leadership, Principal, Financial Services

    Jim is a Partner in the Financial Services Practice of KPMG in the US. He has 25+ years of Financial Services industry consulting experience in both the US and Canada. His engagement experience has focused exclusively in the Financial Services industry.

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  • Jane McCormick

    Jane McCormick: Leadership, Retired Partner and former Head of Tax and Legal services

    With over 25 years of experience, retired partner and former Head of Tax and Legal services , Jane is well known and sought after for her significant insights and guidance on the evolving tax environment. Jane previously served as Head of Tax and Pensions for KPMG in the UK and KPMG’s Head of Tax for Europe, Middle East and Africa region.

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  • Tom McGinness

    Tom McGinness: Partner, Global Leader, KPMG Private Enterprise Family Business Centre of Excellence, KPMG International

    Tom is a Partner, KPMG in the UK and is the Global Leader, KPMG Private Enterprise Family Business Centre of Excellence, KPMG International. With over 21 years’ experience at KPMG, Tom is responsible for all tax services provided to a wide range of privately-owned and family-owned businesses.

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  • Dani Michaux

    Dani Michaux: Author, Leadership, Partner, Head of Cyber Security for KPMG in Ireland

    Dani is the Head of Cyber Security practice for KPMG in Ireland. She previously led the Cyber Security and Emerging Technology Risk Practices for KPMG Malaysia and ASPAC region. She has extensive experience of working with clients on improving board understanding of cyber security matters. She is an advocate for inclusion & diversity, and women participation in computer science and cyber degrees.

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  • Conor Moore

    Conor Moore: Partner, National Leader, KPMG Private Enterprise, KPMG US

    Conor is the National Leader of KPMG Private Enterprise, KPMG US. Conor has more than 24 years of experience serving private enterprise clients, providing auditing and accounting services, including extensive experience with venture-backed technology companies.

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  • John Munnelly

    John Munnelly: Leadership, Global KPMG Powered Enterprise Microsoft Leader | Australia Cloud Solutions Leader | CEO Wiise Software

    With over 20 years experience in digital transformation, systems and process improvement and organizational change, John supports business leaders as they undertake their transformation journey. He helps companies consider their culture, products, market position and team members to set the business up for success in the future.

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  • David M. Neuenhaus

    David Neuenhaus: Partner, Global Head of Asset Management-Tax and Global Head of Institutional Investors/ Sovereign Wealth and Pension Funds, KPMG International and Partner, KPMG in the US

    David is a Principal in KPMG’s Mergers and Acquisition Tax Practices, and serves as KPMG’s global Sovereign, Pension and Infrastructure Fund tax lead.

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  • Blair Nimmo

    Blair Nimmo: Author, Global Head of Insolvency

    Blair is Global Head of Insolvency, UK Head of Restructuring and a partner of KPMG in the UK. Blair has over 30 years’ experience of corporate restructuring including advisory and formal insolvency covering virtually all sectors.

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  • William Nowacki

    William Nowacki: Author, Managing Director, Decision Science, KPMG in the U.S.

    Bill is the Managing Director of KPMG’s Decision Science initiative focused on developing Advanced Analytical solutions across industry sectors. Recently, Bill has been focused within KPMG on helping consumer-oriented enterprises leverage Big Data and Machine Learning Technology to improve people, product and investment performance.

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  • Bill O'Mara

    Bill O'Mara: Leadership, Partner, Audit, KPMG International

    Based in New York, Bill has over 30 years of experience as an audit partner and is an SEC reviewing partner, KPMG’s designation for its top technical partners. He is also a former member of the Board of Directors of KPMG LLP (US) and KPMG Americas having served a full 5 year term. He has extensive international experience serving as KPMG Global Lead Partner for several of the firm’s largest multinational clients.

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  • Robert Ohrenstein

    Robert Ohrenstein: Partner, Global Head of Private Equity

    Robert leads our UK and Global Private Equity practice. With over 20 years’ experience in the private equity industry, Robert has advised direct investors including private equity funds, family offices, sovereign wealth and pension funds on numerous transactions.

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  • Dominic Pelligana

    Dominic Pelligana: Partner, Melbourne, KPMG Private Enterprise

    Dominic is a Partner in KPMG Private Enterprise and works exclusively with large private and family-owned business clients providing a range of tax and business advisory services across a range of industries including agriculture, property, retail, and wine industries.

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  • Dimitrios Petropoulos

    Dimitrios Petropoulos: Director, Cyber Security

    Dimitrios has 30 years of information security experience gained working in enterprise InfoSec groups & consulting, service & solution providers.

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  • Vincent Piron

    Vincent Piron: Leadership, Management Consulting

    Vincent is a partner with more than 25 years of experience in strategy, enterprise transformation and complex change programs, mainly in financial services. During his career, he has managed large, international engagements, interacting directly with the c-suite.

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  • Larry Raff

    Larry Raff: Leadership, Global Head of Life Sciences, KPMG International and Partner, KPMG in the US

    Larry has over 20 years delivering large scale business, risk and technology transformations to companies around the world. Larry currently serves as the Global Sector Chair for Life Sciences and is a member of the US firm’s Advisory Leadership Team, leading the strategy for the Middle Market segment. Larry is also the recipient of Consulting Magazine’s 2018 Global Leader in Consulting award for Excellence in Innovation.

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  • Jens Rassloff

    Jens Rassloff: Leadership, Global Head of Strategic Relations & Investments

    Jens is responsible for KPMG’s global Enterprise Innovation, Corporate Development, Analyst Relations, and ecosystem of Alliances, helping to shape the future and accelerate digital transformation for clients and KPMG.

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  • Christian Rast

    Christian Rast: Leadership, Global Head of Technology & Knowledge

    As KPMG's Global Head of Technology & Knowledge, Christian Rast leads a worldwide team of technology experts who are passionate about driving the digital transformation of KPMG and that of our clients.

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  • Gary Reader

    Gary Reader: Leadership, Global Head of Clients & Markets

    Gary Reader was appointed KPMG’s Global Head of Clients & Markets on 1 October 2017. His personal delivery experience lies in the area of financial management services.

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  • Ken Reid

    Ken Reid: Author, Head of Advisory, KPMG Asia Pacific

    Ken is a KPMG partner in Australia, serving as the Head of Advisory for the Asia Pacific region. He has led Audit and Advisory teams supporting many of Australia’s leading companies in media, telecommunications and industrial markets.

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  • Walter Risi

    Walter Risi: Partner, Head of Consulting - Cyber Security, Transformation, Software Engineering

    Walter's a Technology & Cyber Security Consulting Partner at KPMG in Argentina.He’s currently focused on the convergence of agility and cybersecurity.

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  • Katherine Robins

    Katherine Robins: Partner, Cyber Security Services

    Katherine leads KPMG’s Cyber Security Services practice in Melbourne and provides insights and consultation to organizations across industries.

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  • Anton Ruddenklau

    Anton Ruddenklau: Leadership, Global Co-Leader, Fintech

    Anton is Global Co-Leader of Fintech for KPMG International, and a Partner and the Head of Digital & Innovation for Financial Services in KPMG in the UK. He specializes in business, corporate and institutional banking, and provides advice on strategy, growth and client development to top tier global organizations.

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  • Maren Schmitz

    Maren Schmitz: Leadership, Partner, Head of Asset Management Consulting Germany | Sustainable Finance, Process Analysis, Process Optimization, Risk Management, Valuation, Data & Digitalization

    Maren Schmitz is a Partner at KPMG and Head of Asset Management Consulting Division in Germany. She focuses on trends in asset management, covering technological challenges, the execution of the sustainability agenda, as well as regulatory and compliance topics.

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  • Kevin Smith

    Kevin Smith: Leadership, Head Of KPMG Private Enterprise in EMA

    Kevin is responsible for facilitating audit, tax and advisory support to a wide range of private businesses and organizations.

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  • Sharad Somani

    Sharad Somani: Leadership, Head of Infrastructure, KPMG Asia Pacific | Advisory, Corporate Tax, Financial Risk Management, Infrastructure, Power and Utilities Regulatory Risk

    Sharad's expertise across the Infrastructure sector includes renewable energy, water, waste-to-energy, transport, broadband and industrial infrastructure. He has worked in more than 20 countries from South and Southeast Asia to the Middle East and Africa, advising both government and private sector clients.

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  • Brad Sprong

    Brad Sprong: Leadership, Partner, National Tax Leader, KPMG Private Enterprise, KPMG US | Venture Capital, Tax, Private companies

    Brad is the national Tax leader of KPMG Private Enterprise, KPMG US. Brad has more than 30 years with KPMG serving private enterprise clients and family owned businesses, helping address their tax needs.

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  • /content/dam/kpmgblogs/xx/images/2020/04/jeff-stoll.jpg

    Jeff Stoll: Leadership, Principal, National Strategy Life Sciences Leader, KPMG in the US

    He has over 15 years of experience providing strategy consulting services to the biopharmaceutical industry and equity clients interested in life science sector acquisitions. He specializes in supporting clients across the inorganic growth continuum from portfolio strategy to commercial due diligence to integration strategy.

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  • Mike Stone

    Mike Stone: Leadership, Global Chair of Defence and National Security & Global Head of Technology Transformation for Infrastructure, Government and Healthcare

    Mike Stone is renowned for his use of innovative technologies to disrupt and transform business models in order to realize large scale benefits. He served as an officer in the British Army for 28 years and has worked as Chief Digital Information Officer for the UK Ministry of Defence as well as President of Service Design and Chief Information Officer for BT Global Services.

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  • girl reading on the tablet

    Women in technology consulting: Leadership, driving change and innovation.

    A collection of insights from female leaders in technology consulting, speaking about the rich experiences they have had & any lessons they can share.

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  • Stephanie Terrill

    Stephanie Terrill: Leadership, Global Lead of Financial Management, KPMG International

    Stephanie is the global leader for KPMG’s Financial Management Advisory Services. Stephanie is a Chartered Accountant with nearly 20 years of international business experience, including internal and external advisory roles and corporate senior management positions. Stephanie has served a variety of clients on large scale financial transformations. She is an avid skier, an outdoor enthusiast and travel aficionado.

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  • Bill Thomas

    Bill Thomas: Leadership, Global Chairman and CEO, KPMG International

    Bill Thomas became Chairman of KPMG International on 1 October 2017. He previously served as Chairman of KPMG’s Americas region, from March 2014 to March 2017, and CEO and Senior Partner of KPMG in Canada from 2009 to 2016.

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  • Hilary Thomas

    Hilary Thomas: Director, Chief Medical Adviser

    Hilary is KPMG's Chief Medical Adviser and a member of the global Centre of Excellence in Healthcare and Life Sciences. She works at the interface of healthcare and life sciences for public and private sector clients - redesigning care models and pathways and helping organisations to navigate the changing way that the public interact and the implications for organisational strategy and business models.

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  • Richard Threlfall

    Richard Threlfall: Leadership, Global Head of KPMG IMPACT, Global Head of Infrastructure

    With more than 25-years of experience in infrastructure and transport, Richard has advised private and public sector clients on some of the world’s largest and most complex infrastructure projects. Richard is also passionate about the benefits of the growing role of technology in infrastructure, and as the leader of KPMG's Global Infrastructure network, he is motivated to enable a better future for everyone, everywhere.

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  • Paul Tombleson

    Paul Tombleson: Leadership, Global Trader Surveillance Lead, KPMG International and Partner, KPMG in the UK | Forensic, Fraud, Financial Crime, Investigations

    Paul has over 20 years’ experience leading technology-driven forensic assignments in the UK and internationally, including for large clients in the financial services sector. This has included fraud, financial crime and market misconduct investigations, e-discovery, cyber security and data analytics engagements.

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  • Daniel Trimarchi

    Daniel Trimarchi: Director, Global Centre of Excellence for Family Business, KPMG Private Enterprise, KPMG International

    Daniel is part of the KPMG Private Enterprise Family Business practice with over 10 years' experience in Australia, UK, and Canada, specializing in family business governance and succession planning with business families of various sizes and complexities.

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  • Akilesh Tuteja

    Akhilesh Tuteja: Leadership, Global Cyber Security Co-Leader

    Akhilesh serves as the Global Cyber Security Co-leader and heads the Risk Consulting practice for KPMG in India. He also leads the solution deployment for Risk Consulting practice for EMA (Europe, Middle East & Africa) region. He is passionate about developments in the area of technology and how these can help businesses drive smart processes and effective outcomes. Akhilesh is also a speaker on cyber security.

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  • René Vader

    René Vader: Leadership, Global Head of Consumer & Retail - Advisory, Food, Drink and Consumer Goods, Mergers and acquisitions, Strategy, Transformation

    René is the Global Head of Consumer & Retail and sits on the Advisory Leadership team at KPMG in France.

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  • Julian Vella

    Julian Vella: Leadership, Head of Asia Pacific Infrastructure Practice

    Julian travels widely throughout Asia Pacific working with governments and the private sector to develop and advise on infrastructure programs, projects and assets. He has extensive experience as a lead adviser on a large range of commercial transactions, particularly in the transport and industrial markets sectors.

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  • Martijn Verbree

    Martijn Verbree: Partner, Cyber Security, Digital

    Martijn is a partner in the London office, specialized in cyber security, digital technology and risk management.

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  • Steffen Wagner

    Steffen Wagner: Leadership, Global Head, Transport & Logistics

    Steffen Wagner leads KPMG’s global Transport and Leisure sector as well as the Global and EMA Head of Transport & Leisure for KPMG. Steffen is responsible for KPMG's global activities in the fields of aviation, CEP, logistics, shipping, bus & rail, as well as gaming, tour operators and hotels.

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  • Robin Walduck

    Robin Walduck: Partner, Global Head of Tax, Banking and Capital Markets, KPMG in the UK

    Robin is a partner in the Financial Services practice at KPMG in the UK and the Global Head of Tax for Banking and Capital Markets. With 20 years’ experience, Robin is also a member of KPMG’s global BEPS steering group, providing clients with insight into the latest developments in relation to the OECD’s BEPS Action Plan.

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  • Andrew Weir

    Andrew Weir: Leadership, Global Head of Asset Management and Global Chair of Real Estate and Construction, KPMG International; Regional Senior Partner of KPMG in Hong Kong and Vice Chairman of KPMG China.

    Andrew is the Global Head of Asset Management and Global Chair of Real Estate and Construction, KPMG International. He is the Regional Senior Partner of KPMG in Hong Kong and Vice Chairman of KPMG China.

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  • Koos Wolters

    Koos Wolters: Expert, Cyber Security

    Koos is a Partner in the Cyber Security practice for KPMG in the Netherlands. He has extensive experience in IT process control and specializes in information security (strategy, governance, policies and awareness) and IT governance, control and optimization. For more than 15 years, Koos has been advising directors of large organizations in the field of information security.

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  • Karmen Yeung

    Karmen Yeung: Leadership, National Head of Private Enterprise of KPMG China and Regional Tax Partner-in-Charge

    Karmen is the National Head of Private Enterprise of KPMG China and Regional Tax Partner-in-Charge, Southern Region. She advises HNWIs and private companies on various tax matters including tax advisory to the owners of business, the tax efficient holding and operational structure of business, wealth investment and family asset protection structure, etc.

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  • Tim Zanni

    Tim Zanni: Leadership, Global and U.S. Head of Technology, Media, Telecommunications; and Technology Sector Leader

    Tim Zanni is the Global and US Technology Leader for KPMG. In his role, Tim plays a key client relationship role for the firm’s largest global technology accounts.

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  • Linda Zhang

    Linda Zhang: Author, Partner In Charge – U.S. International Corridors, KPMG US

    Linda is the national channel leader for KPMG’s U.S. International Corridors. She is a Tax Partner based in KPMG’s New York Office with over 20 years of experience serving inbound clients, including serving as the Lead Partner and Tax Partners on several large banking clients.

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  • Christoph Zinke

    Christoph Zinke: Leadership, Asia Pacific Head of Global Strategy Group

    Christoph leads the Global Strategy Group in China with more than 20 years of professional experience in strategy consulting, private equity and corporate management.

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