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IFRS and general accounting (audit) training
International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are a set of standards designed as a common language of business so that financial statements of different companies are understandable and comparable across international boundaries. There is an active process of implementing International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in Ukraine. Amendments to the Law of Ukraine on Accounting were adopted. In accordance with the above mentioned amendments, all large companies (with assets and revenues exceeding a certain threshold established by the law) will be required to migrate to IFRS, which, in turn, adds additional relevance to investing your time in IFRS.

IFRS are changing rapidly and it is important for those who use them to update their knowledge in a timely manner. Our trainings provide practical value as they cover current accounting recommendations and information regarding recently issued and frequently used standards. Participants will be offered professional interpretations as well as discussions with experts. All our coaches are IFRS practitioners and experts possessing the relevant knowledge supported by practical experience in solving complex and non-routine tasks.


Financial management
Training on financial modeling, business planning and financial due diligence will help you prepare for entering new financial markets, attracting new investments or financial assessment of your business. Our experts share best practices and examples of implemented projects.


Fraud and corruption investigation training courses in various areas of business processes will help you gain knowledge that will increase the effectiveness of internal investigations, increase your knowledge of fraud indicators and how to detect them, and solidify your knowledge while working with cases during trainings. Our experts have practical experience in investigations shared during the training.


Personal skills and competences
Personal growth, time management, complex negotiations, effective communication and project management training courses will allow you to be more successful in achieving your goals and developing your career. Our coaches are actively using these skills as evidenced by their successful career. We also provide our after training support in the form of mentoring or coaching, both individual and team. Our Academy has ICF's Associate Certified Coach.


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