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We pride ourselves on being a responsible business

We pride ourselves on being a responsible business

Integrity at KPMG

We act with integrity to sustain our firm and the capital markets we serve. Our commitment to integrity extends through the services we offer, the clients with whom we engage, the professional standards we uphold, the employees we hire and promote, and the communities where we live and work.  

Integrity underlies all of the principles in our Code of Conduct, and forms the heart of our corporate responsibility platform. Trust, independence, and objectivity form the basis of our relationship with our clients, so our conduct must always meet the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and transparency.

Our integrity is ensured by complying with all applicable laws and regulations, upholding the highest professional standards, providing sound advice, and rigorously maintaining our independence.

Our values further highlight our ethics and integrity by illustrating our commitment to the highest principles of personal and professional conduct, guiding how our people relate to each other, what we expect of our clients and vendors, and what our clients, vendors, and the marketplace should expect of us.

To support our commitment, we have an Ethics and Compliance program that strives to prevent and detect violations of law, professional standards, and firm policy, and promote and sustain our ethical culture.

Collaborations and initiatives

KPMG-Hawkamah ACI Institute: offering a platform providing information, resources, and knowledge-sharing opportunities for audit committee members, directors, and senior management to enhance the effectiveness, integrity, and oversight of the financial reporting process.

Pearl initiative: a local organization aimed at strengthening ethical practices and proper governance within the region