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The Middle East economy is rapidly developing, and as a result, KPMG has also taken measures to strengthen its Middle East business support network, which comprises, among others, local and Japanese professionals in accounting, tax and advisory. We have a Japanese manager in our UAE office, and we coordinate with other KPMG offices to increase the business support provided to our Japanese clients. The volume of activity and investment between Japanese companies and the Middle East suggests a need for professionals with a shared culture, who are familiar with local requirements. The KPMG Lower Gulf Japan desk has existed since 2007, to respond to the needs of Japanese companies and Japanese-speaking decision-makers in the region. Via the Global Japanese Practice, a network managed by KPMG in Japan, our Japan desk is also connected with Japanese-speaking professionals working in KPMG offices around the world. By connecting with teams of experts specializing in their respective countries, KPMG has established a structure to support the expansion and enhancement of our clients’ business and functions. We endeavour to become a trusted business partner and “the clear choice” of our clients.

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