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KPMG is committed to providing long term support to our clients as they tackle challenges & transform the way healthcare is provided around the globe.

KPMG brings together professionals with health, aged care and human services experience

Healthcare, aged care and social service systems must manage the often competing demands of quality, access and cost. As New Zealand’s population ages, technological solutions advance and stakeholder expectations increase, the demand for health, aged care and human services only continues to grow. The pressure to continuously improve outcomes within a fiscally constrained environment is a challenge for all providers.

KPMG offers governments, not-for-profit and private sector providers with a range of advisory, tax and audit services. Successfully helping payers and providers meet their business challenges requires an in-depth knowledge and experience in the sectors in which they operate. 

KPMG brings together professionals with health, aged care and social services experience and insight to assist Government, not-for-profit and private sector providers to achieve better health and social outcomes for New Zealanders. Our team of professionals, with backgrounds in aged care, clinical services and government policy, bring an informed perspective on market challenges and opportunities from one sector to another to share best practice and leading thinking. 

How can we help

KPMG’s Health, Ageing and Human Services practice is equipped with a focussed New Zealand service offering. We focus on five key areas:

Operational excellence
Providers and policy-makers are adopting new and innovative approaches in order to future-proof New Zealand’s health, ageing and human services. We review and assess operating models against current best practice and contemporary models of care. We then help to co-design and implement programmes that support both the public and private services to move from siloed structures to more cohesive integrated delivery models that ensure the sustainability of New Zealand’s health and social services.    

Business Case Expertise
The Better Business Case (BBC) methodology was introduced by the NZ Treasury to provide a best-practice, systematic way for stakeholders to think and work together to give decision makers for Health and Human Services investments the information they need to invest with confidence. Our team of credentialed BBC practitioners and expert reviewers are able to assist organisations to develop meaningful business cases that enable smart investment decisions.

Quality and margin improvement
Providers of health, ageing and human services face significant cost pressures – while still being expected to increase quality and operating performance of the services they offer. KPMG can help to meet this challenge by delivering globally-tested and locally applied methodologies for achieving continuous improvement in internal processes, as well as outcome and performance based models of engagement with service providers in the private and not-for-profit sectors. 

Value-for-money and programme evaluation
We support organisations to maximise the value, or sustained patient outcomes they deliver by evaluating agencies and initiatives and their product of economy, efficiency, effectiveness and equity.  Our team can help you to apply and embed the Value for Money (VfM) lens to effectively shift resources to where they are most needed.

Independent Quality Assurance
Our team of project advisory professionals have deep experience in examining if projects and programmes are on track for successful completion or whether action is required to prevent failure, improving the probability of successful project delivery and minimise the risk of cost and time blowouts. We can help drive speed and effectiveness of change within your organisation, by reducing costs and increasing success.

KPMG Healthcare Global Centre of Excellence
Our clients have access to our extensive global network and dedicated Healthcare centre of excellence. Experts from across the globe bring together deep experience and knowledge across the life-cycle of care for New Zealand organisations to explore new, innovative, international perspectives.