KPMG IMPACT’s economic and social development practice is centred on improving the lives of New Zealanders. We are partnering with Māori, public, and private sector organisations and communities to support major social reforms and investments that reduce inequities, increase inclusion and improve lives. 

We aim to measure the impact of social and economic initiatives and to put their intended beneficiaries at the centre, by respecting, incorporating and reflecting their views in our work.

In a period of active social and economic reform, it is more important than ever that we improve the quality of our interventions by including those most affected in the design of new services, bringing a systems thinking basis to our work and valuing Te Ao Māori highly in our approach.

In tandem, designing measurement methods that offer transparency around the impact of interventions is also critical in improving accountability.

Services include:

  • helping our public sector clients to: 
    • strengthen the health system and services
    • deliver sustainable infrastructure
    • improve education and justice systems
    • deliver better social care to those who need it most
  • organisational design, transformation and capacity assessments
  • sustainable infrastructure strategies, policies and business cases
  • funding model review and alignment to desired impact
  • economic and financial modelling for targeted investments aimed at social and economic growth
  • resilient supply chain and logistics management.

Focus areas