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KPMG and ChainPoint, a software provider, have joined forces to help businesses get better control of their supply chains to mitigate risks, protect brand image, comply with regulatory landscape and build resilient supply chains. 

A new reality driven by higher expectations and changing consumptions patterns

With the rapid changes and interest of consumers in what they buy, where it comes from and whom they purchase it from, organizations are under pressure to take responsibility of the social and environmental impact of their suppliers. Traceability have been moving from a nice-to-have to a need-to-have and Sustainability has changed from a stand-alone topic to a more integral part of doing business.

KPMG and ChainPoint support companies in addressing (sustainable) supply chain-related risks and opportunities

We support clients in keeping pace with regulations, gaining visibility and control and monitoring and managing their sustainable footprint within their supply chains in areas such as responsible sourcing, product traceability, audit & certification management, supplier performance and risks assessment. 

Our support covers the following areas:

  • Define the vision and business drivers to collectively align on common goals and ambition for supply chain transparency
  • Identify practical steps to take for the coming years, including governance structure and product prioritization
  • Understand business requirements, map the AS-IS, define the TO-BE and identify impacts on people and processes
  • Configure the software based on requirements
  • Ensure effective handover to fully operate and work with the technology and implement new needs over time

To move fast, go alone, to move far, go together. With this African proverb in mind we invite you to get in touch with us to help your teams go further.

Do you want to manage your supply chain with more confidence?

For more information please contact Jerwin Tholen, partner Sustainability.

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