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​KPMG conducted its annual analysis of the Dutch insurance market, based on the 2019 data published by DNB. Further consolidation in the market is visible. The number of insurers supervised by DNB in the Netherlands decreased. This is partly the result of the legal merger between Nationale-Nederlanden and Delta Lloyd and the acquisition of VIVAT by Nationale-Nederlanden.

Across the different segments (Life, Health and Property-Casualty) a continued increase in premium volume is visible, for Life specifically a trend break can be seen. For Health, an increase in both premiums and claims burden is visible. Despite the fact that 2019 did not have an impactful event like the COVID pandemic, health insurers as a whole have deployed a larger portion of their reserves compared to 2018. The affordability of healthcare remains an ongoing area of concern for health insurers, healthcare providers and the Dutch government.

This year, in addition to the numerical analysis, KPMG also included a future outlook. What awaits insurers in the coming years? What risks will they be facing and what developments are likely to emerge? Topics such as the impact of COVID, changes in legislation and the energy and climate transition were considered. Also, the impact of risk equalization at health insurers and the actuarial interest rate to be used for personal injury claims warranted further deepening of the analysis. In short, in addition to the  annual statistical analysis, KPMG also provides a future outlook.

Download the analysis via the link below.

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