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Cyber Maturity Assessment

Cyber Maturity Assessment

Insight is the best defence against cyber-attacks

Insight is the best defence against cyber-attacks

Cyber Maturity Assessment

Cyber attacks are one of the most pressing threats facing organizations today. They are both complex and challenging to deal with. How efficient is my current security? Is our corporate culture capable of withstanding an attack? What should I do to be more in control? KPMG has combined its cybersecurity and risk management knowledge and expertise in a smart software solution: Cyber Maturity Assessment.

This solution provides insight into your organization’s current security level and shows you which requirements your organization should meet according to legislation and regulations.

The software is based on self-assessment which besides considering technical aspects also takes into account factors such as processes, leadership and governance. Data are then subsequently benchmarked in comparison to similar organizations.

This yields a set of scores which comprise your company’s ‘cyber maturity levels’. These are presented to you on an easily understandable dashboard. These scores enable you to quickly identify focal points so you can make targeted investments in cybersecurity.

Cyber Maturity Assessment helps you answer questions like:

  • Which aspects should I focus on in order to defend myself against cyber threats?
  • How mature is our current security level?
  • Are we compliant with current legislation and regulations?

How will your organization benefit from Cyber Maturity Assessment?

  • Rapidly obtain affordable and valuable information about the status of your cybersecurity
  • Know where you stand in comparison to other companies
  • Periodical assessment of your company as a whole and per location
  • Being able to make targeted investments in your company’s security

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