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Know who your organization is doing business with

Know who your organization is doing business with


For an organization doing business in the international arena it’s almost impossible to know all your business contacts personally. Let alone to understand the cultural context in which they operate. This can generate risks because organizations don’t want to be associated with money laundering, corruption or terrorism. When it comes to (international) partnerships it’s a good idea to investigate business partners, individuals or parties ahead of time. This enables you to minimize risks and comply with increasingly strict international regulations. Astrus helps your organization screen these potential partners.

Astrus is a software solution that enables you to enter screening requests concerning third parties in order to combat risks such as bribery, corruption and reputational damage. The smart search solution uses over 40,000 available sources to give you insight into things like shareholder identity, whether the party is on a sanctions list, whether they are involved in litigation or have been the subject of negative media attention. Finally, a team of experienced corporate intelligence specialists who can deal with 88 different languages, analyses the results and presents them to you in a standardized template.

Thanks to the secure online portal, customers can follow the status of the research in real time. In addition, the audit trail of the request and the information collected are clearly documented so that they can be clarified in retrospect if questions are raised.

Following delivery of the report, Astrus Monitoring offers you an extra module that alerts you to potential changes in the documented information.

Sample case

A national leader had a 99% interest in a company owned by his government. The question was whether this was a personal interest or an interest connected to his office. This is the kind of information companies usually don’t have, but local KPMG colleagues were consulted as sources. Using information obtained from them it became clear this was an entirely logical construct in that country. This kind of information can only be obtained if you know the country and its business community from the inside. Through KPMG’s global network it is possible to rapidly contact local people who have access to this particular kind of knowledge and information.

How will your organization benefit from Astrus

  • Cost savings because manual screening is no longer necessary
  • Quicker transition to transactions through more efficient screening process
  • Reduction of risks in transactions
  • Always up-to-date: KPMG has access to the most current information
  • Option to receive alerts if important changes occur

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