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Tax Intelligence Solutions

Tax Intelligence Solutions

Turn data into insights

Turn data into insights

Financial systems and administrations can be complex and hard to understand. Nevertheless, it’s important to keep an overview because this data contains information and insights that are extremely valuable for your organization. KPMG’s Tax Intelligence Solution helps you sort through these systems to discover and create new opportunities. For instance, in the areas of indirect taxation, VAT, Customs & Excise and other tax-related risks.

Financial administrations contain more and more data spread across various modules in different ERP systems. This makes it increasingly difficult for companies to gather relevant insights. At the same time there is pressure to deliver more while cutting costs and working more efficiently with fewer resources.

Encouraging judicious fiscal decision-making and operation on a global scale requires a solution that is capable of managing information overload. Tax Intelligence Solution is just such a solution: an integrated suite of indirect taxation technologies, methodologies and insights, based on KPMG expertise in the areas of tax, deals and advisory.

The Tax Intelligence Solution provides you with factual insights into
compliance in multiple jurisdictions, signals fiscal opportunities and risks
for you and gives you competitive advantages. For example, an analysis of
incoming invoices might show that by managing VAT differently, the opportunity arises to reclaim a % of VAT. Or an analysis of outgoing invoices might expose a risk of being fined for an erroneous VAT percentage.

These software solutions also help you to be compliant worldwide, to monitor accuracy, to increase working capital and to create new corporate value for your fiscal affairs. As a result, Tax Intelligence Solutions will quickly earn back its own value for the organization.

How will your organization benefit from Tax Intelligence Solution?

  • Early factual insight into risks and opportunities in the compliance process
  • Insight into potential fiscal savings and improvements to systems and processes
  • Valuable insights into the global supply chain
  • Reports presenting clear overview of fiscal information 
  • Transparent data, enabling improved decision-making

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