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The Netherlands is home to a vibrant, collaborative startup ecosystem, internationally renowned for its open culture and emphasis on entrepreneurship and innovation. Because of this, the Dutch startup community is rapidly building a reputation as home to some of the world’s most exciting, forward-thinking and fast-growing companies. 

For years, KPMG is closely connected to the Dutch startup ecosystem. We supported some of the most iconic Dutch companies during their growth, like Adyen, Booking.com and Otrium. Additionally, in 2016 KPMG co-founded techhub TNW Spaces together with Google, ABN AMRO and Booking. Since the launch, KPMG has been working closely with TNW to support startups and scaleups in their growth.

We've learned that high-growth companies face challenges when they are unable to adapt their internal organization structure to their new size and exponential growth. An important part in managing this growth is implementing formal internal structures and processes. These structures and processes result in transparency and clarity, which help keep business on track and lead the way to sustainable growth.

The specialists from the Emerging Giants team work closely with founders and the management team to facilitate and structure the growth of their company. We provide strategic advice and accelerate transformation on the following topics: 

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Local and international tax implications can be wide ranging and therefore require careful thought in advance. Unforeseen tax exposures and compliance costs might reduce your expected margins and profit.

  • Organize structures around deferred taxes, withholding taxes, payroll taxes and VAT
  • Define and implement transfer pricing policies to manage risks and balance costs
  • Identify and advise on navigating the various tax provisions relevant to funding arrangements 
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Finance & Funding

Financial planning and forecasting are key in determining how your company will achieve its vision, strategic goals, and objectives. Thorough financial processes and systems will enable you to build an economically viable business.

  • Review and improve existing cashflow forecasting
  • Design and implement robust working capital management
  • Advise on strategic domestic versus overseas financing and investment options
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Risk & Compliance

When your business faces rapid expansion, it is likely to cross various thresholds that trigger new legal requirements and increase exposure to risk. Making sure the proper controls and processes are in place help you to mitigate risks and liabilities.

  • Improve governance of both existing and new (international) operations​
  • Design risk management approaches across functions and countries
  • Assess current and future compliance in local and international legislation 

If you are a startup or scaleup business, our Emerging Giants team can help you meet your ambitions. Part of KPMG’s global Emerging Giants network, and partnered with leading scaleup programs and coworking spaces, our team takes the time to understand your growth plans. We can then provide industry insight and tailormade support to meet your specific needs. 

Scaling your business with KPMG Emerging Giants

KPMG Emerging Giants supports forward-thinking scaleups with their (international) growth. We understand what it takes for scaling companies to be successful at each stage of their journey.