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Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing Services

With globalization, business corporations are faced with a new and ever-changing business landscape, a business landscape that has no boundaries and with competition intensifying on all fronts. In order for businesses to meet these challenges and competitions, they need to focus and concentrate on enhancing their core competencies. In this environment, businesses do not attempt to carry out every function in-house but outsource these functions to other entities, whose special competencies and expertise allow these functions to be carried out efficiently, effectively and economically.

The Outsourcing Practice of KPMG (KPMG) has the competencies and expertise to assist business organizations carry out services that are a management distraction if performed in-house. We add value to business organizations’ strategy of competitive advantage by carrying out outsourcing services in the areas of Accounting & Administrative and Payroll & HR functions with thus freeing valuable client resources to focus on core areas of the business organizations. Our Outsourcing Services for Payroll / HR are available regionally for Asia Pacific countries while Middle Eastern coverage will be included in the near future.

We have a diversified portfolio of clients that include world renowned multinationals from the United States of America, Europe, Japan and the Asia Pacific, local blue chip public listed companies, as well as small and medium sized enterprises. Our clients are in all fields of commerce and industry, including manufacturing, financial services, conglomerates, trading, investments and high technology services.

Client Accounting Services

KPMG provides a full accounting service for companies or businesses which do not wish to have this important function performed in-house. This could well be the case where, for example, the business is not of a scale where competent accounting professional staff can be engaged on a full time basis at a cost which is competitive. Accounting services include:

  • Preparing management reports to the format required by clients
  • Processing documents relating to sales, collections, payments and other transactions, and posting to General Ledgers, cash books and subsidiary accounts
  • Preparation of Trial Balance, Profit and Loss Account, and Balance Sheet at periodic intervals, either monthly, quarterly, half yearly, or annually
  • Liaising with auditors and tax agents for the accounts to be audited and tax returns to be filed
  • Drafting statutory financial statements and preparation of deferred tax computation at financial year end
  • Liaising with clients’ auditors and tax agents for year-end audit and corporate tax filing

In line with the implementation of GST (Goods & Services Tax),KPMG helps GST registered corporates and individuals to issue tax invoices and prepare draft GST returns to facilitate client’s submission to the authority.

Client Payroll & HR Services

Confidentiality in staff remuneration matters is of utmost importance in any organization. The best way to achieve this objective is to have the payroll preparation function delegated to an outside party, such as our Outsourcing Practice. We provide the required confidentiality and professionalism which is essential when handling the payroll process. In addition, businesses may actually find it more cost effective to outsource this function rather than to carry it out in-house.

Related HR services which integrate to Payroll are also offered including HR Personnel Management, Leave Management and Claim Management. Our Outsourcing Practice’s payroll service is comprehensive and includes:

  • Registration of company as an employer with the statutory bodies such as the Inland Revenue Board(IRB), the Employees Provident Fund (EPF), and the Social Security Organization (SOCSO)
  • Registration and/or notification of a new employee with IRB, EPF and SOCSO
  • Computation of the monthly amounts due to each employee, taking into consideration the statutory deductions, recurring and special non-recurring income and deduction items
  • Preparation of confidential individual pay slips and monthly payroll reports
  • Preparation of monthly returns to the IRB, EPF and SOCSO, and effecting remittances thereto
  • Preparation of annual returns, such as Form E and Forms EA, as required by the IRB
  • Payroll related payment services

Why do our clients choose KPMG

Our Professionalism
We believe our clients expect professionalism from us, and we take great pains to deliver this. Our staffs are professionally trained and qualified people with varying lengths of working experience. Every assignment for our clients is entrusted to a member of our staff who has the necessary knowledge and know-how to get the job done.

There is experience within the organization to provide solutions to the problems of our clients, irrespective of the level of complexity. In this regard, we have a solid base of professional expertise that is rarely rivaled.

Our Experience
Hand-in-hand with professional training and knowledge, we bring to our clients the accumulated wealth of experience of our organization. We have been in our business for decades, and have numerous precedents to draw upon to help in our work. 

Additionally, our client profile that includes business entities of every kind and operating in all commerce and industries has given us invaluable exposure to different circumstances and situations. With this huge pool of experience, we add value for our clients by contributing to the formulation of solutions in an efficient and speedy manner.

Our Promptness and Reliability
We understand that our clients expect promptness of service and reliability of delivery from us. The size of our organization and the working structure allow a system of “redundancy”, whereby there is always a backup for every staff and function, in order to maintain continuous service delivery in the absence of an individual person. Continuity is built into our system of client service.



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