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Strategy & Operations

Strategy & Operations

Strategy & Operations teams focus on fundamental business issues — managing risk, increasing revenues and controlling costs — which all organizations, in all industries, should address in order to flourish. We help companies identify risks and optimize operations that are used to support their strategic business objectives and financial goals.

Organizations have a range of options to help them manage and improve performance, including process and control design, shared services models and outsourcing. Our firms’ Strategy & Operations professionals seek to empower clients to make better business decisions — decisions that are at the heart of successful business transformation and change management efforts.

Strategy & Operations teams serve our firms’ leading clients in all industries. Our professionals bring extensive experience and work collaboratively with clients, advising them on:

  • Managing and reducing materials costs
  • Optimizing overall internal supply chain costs
  • Reducing supply chain riskImproving service to the customer
  • Globalization
  • Product design efficiency.

In addition the Strategy & Operations team can transform the business by helping clients think through:

Operations risk management

  • Supplier risk
  • Product portfolio risk
  • Process risk

Strategic cash generation

  • Working capital optimization
  • Manufacturing strategy
  • Revenue management

Operational optimization

  • Rapid value procurement
  • Cost management & optimization
  • Integrated supply chain planningGlobal logistics
  • Service parts management.

Strategy & Operations teams can assist our firms’ clients with:

  • Rapid value procurement — focuses on optimizing strategic sourcing, consolidation of the supply base, improved contract management, improved inventory management through purchase execution and procurement process effectiveness.
  • Working capital management — designs and embeds approaches to develop and implement visibility, control and generation of cash and working capital across the business operations.
  • Supply chain optimization — advises on lean manufacturing, lean six sigma, operations, product lifecycle management, logistics, sourcing, and distribution.
  • Business integration — advises on mergers of business organizations (called post merger integration), shortly after a deal is finalized or years after many mergers have been executed.
  • Customer management — provide insights in to managing the entire life cycle of a customer, helps with visibility into customer segmentation and assists in increase customer retention and acquisition.

How we add value to the Public Sector

  • We assist the public sector facilitate strategic directions and policy matters including developing strategic transformation frameworks for public ministries, departments, state agencies, Government linked corporates and their businesses.
  • We leverage on our methodologies to assist clients in developing situational-based financial models for decision making in these strategic transformation exercises.

Why Choose KPMG Strategy & Operations

  • You are looking for a strategic transformation to determine the next growth path and for ways to transform a public ministries, departments, state agencies to enhance the level of services to the public sector.
  • You are an organisation in need of translating a policy direction / business transformation exercise / feasibility study / business case into financial terms and improving the decision making process with a toolkit / financial model

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