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Transitioning your business

Transitioning your business

Don't sell yourself short.

Whether you plan to sell your business, launch an IPO...

Whether you plan to sell your business, launch an IPO, or shift leadership to the next generation, the right team can help you explore your options to foster a smooth transition. Give yourself the benefit of time and perspective to determine which outcome is right for you. 

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Family business succession

Some family businesses successfully manage their management and ownership succession plans while preserving family and business harmony. There is no reason more family businesses cannot achieve similar outcomes. There is a proven approach to family business succession planning that produces better results

Avoiding common pitfalls - preparing for an IPO

Before you begin to prepare for an IPO process, reflect on your decision to take your company public. Have you considered all the advantages and disadvantages? The IPO is not an end in itself, it is a different beginning. Once you have concluded that your decision is a sound one, you can begin to prepare your company for the transition to public life and develop a game plan for going public.

8 stumbling blocks in family business succession

While it’s not always top-of-mind for business owners, succession planning is critical to ensuring the long-term success and value of the family business. A thought-out and successfully executed plan is key to securing a stable and sustainable future.