Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion

For KPMG, creating an inclusive culture where all our people achieve their potential is critical if we are to deliver the solutions clients need.

Creating an inclusive culture where all our people achieve their potential

We believe that diverse teams better reflect the diverse nature of our clients’ businesses. This enables us to express different viewpoints and create well-rounded perspectives that drive innovative thinking.

Since 2008, KPMG International has conducted a number of benchmarking assessments to determine how we can continue to move forward with our global diversity and inclusion efforts. Through these assessments, we have improved our understanding of the challenges faced by member firms and the various approaches they have developed nationally. This has also enabled us to identify key opportunities and to leverage member firms' diversity practices throughout the KPMG network.

We have a well-established Global Diversity Network that drives change and inclusive leadership across KPMG's global network. This network is committed to collaborating, sharing and learning from others who have a passion for making a difference.

By region and gender - female FY2015 FY2014 FY2013
Overall 46% 46% 47%
Americas 46% 46% 47%
EMA 45% 45% 46%
ASPAC 47% 47% 50%
Percentage of women in KPMG member firms FY2015 FY2014 FY2013
Overall 46% 46% 47%
Partners, principals and directors 20% 20% 19%
Senior Managers 36% 35% 36%
Managers 43% 43% 43%
Senior Associate/Senior Team Member 47% 48% 49%
Associate/Team Member 53% 53% 55%

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