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Reinforcing our position

Reinforcing our position

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Invest and innovate

Across our Management Consulting, Transactions & Restructuring and Risk Consulting practices we continue to invest and innovate, striving to consistently be the clear choice for clients.

Many of the world’s largest and most prominent organizations continue to demonstrate their confidence in KPMG, inviting us to shape their most transformative and strategic initiatives.

Helping clients transform their businesses

Business transformation has risen to the top of the business agenda. In a recent KPMG survey of more than 900 executives of multinational organizations, 93 percent said they were in some stage of changing their business models. It is a recurring theme among the CEOs and executives we meet with at leading companies around the world. These leaders understand that business models have to evolve to be successful in the face of accelerating globalization, innovation and technology disruption, regulatory change and the rise of the socially connected and empowered consumer.

Clients are looking to KPMG to help them navigate through these volatile times, to shape their plan for change and to deliver innovative new services that can enable greater growth and enhanced performance.

Investing in innovation

KPMG continues to make strategic investments to develop new services and capabilities, recruiting new experts and acquiring businesses with market-leading ideas and technology, in order to address clients’ most pressing issues as they transform their business models and operations.

As just one example, the need to better optimize data is one of the leading drivers of changing business strategies – virtually every business we speak with believes they are not managing their data or their analytics as well as they could. The costs, risks, and opportunities in data (structured and unstructured, internal and external) have never been greater. Clients need actionable insights that help them understand and unlock the value in their data. This demands new solutions, developed and delivered to market at a pace never seen before.

The launch of KPMG Capital* is a great example of our commitment to innovate to help meet this growing need. KPMG Capital is investing primarily in data and analytics (D&A). We believe it signals a step change in the way we work with new technology innovators.

KPMG Capital further enables us to enter partnerships with, or acquire, technology entrepreneurs, in order to combine their innovation with our business expertise, sector knowledge, global reach and reputation for delivering quality services.

Our commitment to invest in innovation was further extended with this year’s launch of KPMG Insights Labs, which operate on a virtual basis as research and technology development centers enabling the several thousand KPMG D&A experts around the world to work together to deliver new products and services.

Acquisitions also play an important role in our evolution

Acquisitions also play an important role in our evolution.

“Many of the world’s largest and most prominent organizations continue to demonstrate their confidence in KPMG, inviting us to shape their most transformative and strategic initiatives.”

For example, the acquisition of Cynergy Systems, Inc., by KPMG in the US, brings a new strategic team that uses mobile and digital technologies to help clients re-imagine the way they deliver services to customers, employees and other stakeholders.

KPMG’s position as trusted advisors has never been stronger. Our foundation in risk, operations, deals and strategy is proven, and our clients value our ability to help shape and execute their agenda in evolving times.