The COVID-19 pandemic has offered both challenges and opportunities for societies around the world. Global Female Leaders Outlook COVID-19 Special Edition provides insight into female leaders' thoughts about the new reality we, as a society, are facing. Among the 700 female leaders across 52 countries who were surveyed, an optimistic view of the impact of the pandemic on female leadership emerged, due in part to the improved digital communication, technological advances and changes in stakeholder expectations. By embracing the changes, the pandemic has brought, female leaders can prepare themselves to deal with the challenges that may arise.

The report therefore presents the view of COVID-19 as a potential catalyst for a more inclusive workforce. The report includes the following key findings:

  • The proliferation of new digital communication and collaboration tools, alongside a growing talent pool afforded by remote working, may be a catalyst for gender equality.
  • Making a positive impact is a top motivator for female leaders around the world. Diversity and inclusion agendas, as well as climate change are top of mind.
  • Female leaders have seen the digital transformation of their businesses accelerating during the pandemic, but there is still room to improve innovation processes and execution.

Prominent women in Denmark say:


Global Female Leaders Outlook COVID-19 Special Edition

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