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Mads Nørgaard Sørensen

GCMS Partner


Mads Nørgaard Sørensen is a Tax Partner with more than 10 years of experience working with various Corporate and Business Finance tasks. 

Mads is a dedicated and experienced Finance Partner and comes with a strong background working with broad finance topics in Multinationals and public listed companies.

Mads’ experience is reflected in strategic and practical advisory services. 


Mads Nørgaard Sørensen

Uddannelse og kvalifikationer

  • Master of Science in Business Economics and Auditing

About KPMG Acor Tax

  • About KPMG Acor Tax KPMG Acor Tax is an independent advisory firm – and tax is our business. We are determined to mastering a field of expertise that we can turn into solutions and value for our clients. We are entrepreneurs as well as advisors, and we know how to cut through complexity.

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