ESG - Environmental, Social, Governance. These three buzzwords illustrate how broadly the topic of sustainability should be thought of today. It ranges from climate change to workforce diversity to sustainable financing strategies.

In this breadth, the three letters E,S & G stand for perhaps the biggest megatrend of our time and a fundamental transformation of the economy. In the process, ESG has evolved from a risk and compliance issue to a lever of value generation.

Because sustainability, properly implemented, is an opportunity - for more growth, profitability and a higher company value.

We advise you individually in each of the following areas (see chart) with customer-centric ESG solutions. Our goal is always: value generation - for you and your stakeholders.

Key topics (in German only)

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Our service offering

ESG strategy

Sustainability as the basis for value enhancement: Pioneering corporate strategies and business models

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ESG in transactions

Integration of ESG aspects along the deal cycle - from ESG due diligence to exit preparation

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Sustainable finance

Sustainable finance as a success factor: From issuing green bonds to optimising ESG ratings

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ESG in the supply chain

Anchor your ESG strategy across your supply chain

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ESG reporting

ESG reporting: creating value through effective stakeholder communication and governance mechanisms

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ESG assurance

The "G" in ESG: Effective processes and control mechanisms for long-term corporate sustainability

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ESG in law and taxes

Implement and anticipate tax regulation, legally implement national and international ESG legislation, and minimise risks.

ESG in law

ESG in taxes

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Diversity & Equal Opportunities

Diversity, remuneration and more: sustainability in human resources and change management

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Climate risk and decarbonisation

Climate protection as an opportunity: Mastering CO2 reduction, increasing resilience, ensuring economic viability

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