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Doing business in Germany

Despite the current pandemic international companies continue to invest in Germany, either through mergers and acquisition as well as through a growing number of greenfield projects. Latest example of a major greenfield project being Tesla's investment into their first and only Giga Factory for the European market in the Berlin-Brandenburg region. 

Investing in a stable economy

Located at the center of the European Union, the German market offers stability and economic security as well as unlimited access to the surrounding 27 EU Member States  - development is positive and the investment potential in Germany is diverse. This has been confirmed by more than 500 chief financial officers (CFOs) of international companies operating in Germany when we asked them about their outlook on the German and European markets in early 2020. Following the Covid-19 pandemic, the German government has launched a Billion 130 Euro stimulus package which offers a wide range of investment opportunities, especially in the area of telecommunications and digitization.

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Berliner Fernsehturm

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