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Financial statement audit

Financial statement audit

We assist clients with the application of, and compliance with, local specific statutory reporting requirements.

We assist clients with the application of local specific statutory reporting requirements.

KPMG China’s audits, powered by Data and Analytics, combine industry expertise, a globally consistent KPMG Audit Methodology and advanced analytical capabilities. Using automated audit capabilities to effectively understand data and investigate anomalies, our audit process does more than assess financial information – it enables our professionals to consider the unique elements of the business, including corporate culture, industry characteristics, competitive pressures and inherent risks. We offer our audit opinions on financial statements prepared in accordance with a range of relevant Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), including those applicable in China, Hong Kong, the US, the UK, Singapore and other capital markets.

New International Standards on Auditing which require long-form audit reports are a marked change in listed company reporting. This is a challenge for auditors and audit committees, and needs to be done well. Our experienced Audit teams aim to provide deep insights based on a thorough understanding of our clients’ business and sector, thereby providing an innovative auditing approach that goes beyond the requirements of auditing standards.

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