Summer vacation has already begun in most Swiss cantons and many people are looking forward to travelling abroad again. But let's not forget that there are many amazing travel destinations right on our doorstep here in Switzerland. To help you discover what our different Swiss regions have to offer, leaders from our different KPMG office locations have shared their summertime tips.

Many Swiss people will stay on home turf for their summer vacation again this year. Are there any spots (museums, cinemas, art galleries or local beauty spots) in Lausanne you would recommend?

Lausanne is a must for any keen tourist. There is a multitude of interesting cultural and scenic spots to visit. If you would like to visit some of Lausanne’s wonderful museums, I highly recommend the Beaux-Arts museum and of course the Olympic Museum. If you want to soak up the local scenery and the incredible views, I would recommend a stroll by the lake from Ouchy to Lutry. The view of the imposing mountains looking over the majestic Lac Léman will take your breath away. For a different but also wonderful perspective of the lake, why not rent a paddle.

David Oberson

David Oberson, location leader Lausanne

Do you have any favorite restaurants in your location, whether in the city or the surrounding countryside?

Lausanne has many excellent restaurants that I would recommend. Here are a few of the local culinary institutions:

  • La Croix d’ouchy – I would highly recommend you try the risotto!
  • Lausanne palace – my favorite dish is the “Wiener Schnitzel” (one of the best)
  • The roof top at Royal Savoy – admire the best view of the lake for an unforgettable apéro

Outside of Lausanne, there are also a lot of great restaurants with different types of food and many great views on the lake. We are definitely spoilt for choice in Lausanne! 

Are there any ‘must-do’ hikes you would recommend in Lausanne or the surrounding areas? Are there any particular beauty spots or places they simply have to visit on the way?

Why not hike among the vineyards in the very unique Lavaux area.

On hot summer days: Which public swimming pool, lake or river do the locals go to when they want to cool down or go for a swim in Lausanne or the surrounding area?

I would recommend Pully plage which is 10-15 min from Lausanne by public transport and perfectly situated on the lake so you can choose to take a dip in the lake or in the Olympic pool with all amenities including a nice restaurant. Kids will love the splash pool and elephant slide. You can also go to Lutry plage or Moratel in Cully which have the greatest beaches of the region.

For those travelling with kids, what is the coolest attraction in Lausanne to keep younger tourists entertained? Are there any go-to places if the weather is bad?

For younger tourists, Lausanne has many activities to offer such as the trampoline park, Acquatis, and different museums. They will also love a cruise on the lake or taking the Lavaux Express, a small train across Lavaux. Lausanne is definitely a great place to amuse kids!

Everyone loves an ice-cream when it’s hot – do you have any insider tips on the best gelateria in town?

I would go close to the lake for an ice-cream. There are various excellent places from small shops to nice restaurants depending on your expectations. My favorite shop is in Lutry which serves delicious Italian ice creams.

Finally, a question for you: Can you tell us where you are spending your summer vacation this year?

Since I get to enjoy Lausanne almost every day of the year, we will let the tourists enjoy the city as we go and visit the South of France!

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