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Quarterly Brief: Valuation Newsletter

Quarterly Brief: Valuation Newsletter

Our quarterly published Valuation Newsletter "Quarterly Brief" summarizes relevant capital market data that are pertinent to any valuation analysis and contains articles on current valuation topics.


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Johannes Post

Partner, Deal Advisory, Global Head of Valuation Services

KPMG Switzerland


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Valuation Newsletter

Not only has COVID-19 exposed the fragility of our global economic and social systems while the climate crisis escalates, it has also accelerated existing trends in an unexpected and often constructive way. The remarkable increase in awareness of ESG (environmental, social and governance) in recent months illustrates this.

A combination of progressive change in consumer behavior towards sustainable products and services, demand for financial assets with positive ESG factors, and actions by governments to support sustainable businesses and finance, especially in light of pandemic-related stimulus programs, has propelled ESG to a new peak and has created exponential growth in momentum.

While the introduction of ESG to portfolio and investment decision-making has been accelerating, the challenge of properly reflecting ESG in financial valuations remains a largely unexplored area in academia and practice. This edition of our newsletter suggests an approach to viewing business valuations through an ESG lens.

In addition to sharing our insights into the above topic, we will summarize recent key capital market data such as:

  • index performance
  • sector multiples
  • risk free rates
  • country risk premiums
  • growth rates for selected markets

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