As one of the leading professional services firms in Canada, KPMG believes in the power of business and our people to drive social change. KPMG Social Impact is about just that – channeling our collective experience, skills and energy to build strong and sustainable communities.

As part of their role at KPMG, our people are active citizens who leverage their experience to support organizations and causes that make an impact. We are supporting the overall success of our people, including their professional and personal fulfilment.

For KPMG Social Impact, success is measured by the impact each one of us has when we are fully engaged.

2021 Social impact awards

Our KPMG Impact Awards celebrate the deep connection people at KPMG have with their communities. Please join us in congratulating the recipients of the 2021 Awards. These recipients—who were chosen by a panel of their peers—demonstrated their purpose and passion for volunteering and are making a positive impact.

National winners

Social changemaker

Karly- Anna O’Brien
Abdullah Jallow

Inclusion and mental health champions

Zach Little

National Indigenous Peoples Network: Tammy Brown, Erikka Ogrodnick, Chris Nagel, Bo Kristensen

Greenest champion

Emily Martins

Most volunteer hours

Tina Stehr

Regional award winners

Regions East

  • John Eckert
  • Joshua Walsh
  • Lisa Park
  • Laura Tippett


  • Brigette Desrosiers
  • Camylle Lafrance
  • Imran Fazal
  • Chanie Quesnel Lebel
  • Karan Moorjani
  • Regions West
  • Brianna Lobb
  • Christina Lothian
  • Cody Kabrud
  • Kalie Van Ree and Wunmi Adekanmbi
  • Paula Presta

Greater Toronto Area

  • Alexandre Blanchard
  • Asma Hasan and Marion O’Sullivan
  • Matt Parkin
  • Omar Meson and Yinka Adegbusi
  • Sharjil Salim
  • Stephanie Taccon


  • Dominique Ng
  • Misty Russell
  • Stephanie Pankratz

Regions West

  • Brianna Lobb
  • Christina Lothian
  • Cody Kabrud
  • Kalie Van Ree and Wunmi Adekanmbi
  • Paula Presta

Greater Vancouver Area

  • Jeffery Scott and team
    Shelly Bardai, Taslim Savji, Matthew Yong, Abdullah Jallow, Max James
  • Shelly Bardai and team
    Eva Ha, Charlene Owuor
  • Erik Berg and team
    Valerie Lukac, Rhonda Burke, Sylvain Bonzom, Sya Trafford, Alia Virani, Bharat Ahuja, Melita Scott, Travis Jule, Ismet Zafar, Arin Celikel, Ozge Uncu, Jason Stevenson, Julie Kothlow, Kaley Dodds, Aylin MumcUlar, Raghav Bubna, Bryan McCaffrey, Karen Parker, Shelly Bardai
  • Vivian Wai-Ling Chan and team
    Brittany Jang, Roopa Dave, Hilda Garza Villarreal
  • Casey Chung and team
    Allice Shandler, Will Cliff, Calvin Kam, Forti Pate, Rafaella Forti, Emily Chee, Christine Stitchman, Raymond Jiang, Sarah Mosavi, Trish Liao, Tamira Nasanbat, Mateo Espinosa, Harneet Gill, Brandi Wingrove, Eileen Svensrud, Michelle Broadway
  • Aanu Adeleye and team
    Charlene Owuor, Iyiola Adeyemi, Tatenda Muhle, Nyasha Tarina, Linda Odhiambo, Leroy Bozongwana, Oommen Nanathra, Tumainiel Malisa, Ife Ajakpovi, Tomi Odunsi, Ryan Bickerton, Matt Barbosa, Angel Sibanda, Dorcas Ronoch, Tyra Bermudez
  • Tiana Tomassetti
  • Igor Oliveira
  • Jenny Flojo and team
    Nathan-John Whitbourne, Robert Jean-Richard, Ivy Chen
  • Jenny Sidhoo and team
    Noorin Mizuyabu, Jaspreet Saran, Nicole Inglis