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Management Consulting

Management Consulting

KPMG Accountants can help with profitability and comparative analyses, with improving the management of working capital.

KPMG Accountants can help improve the management of working capital.

Management Information

KPMG Accountants is here to support your company in implementing a structured approach to management information. We can help you identify relevant performance indicators and develop a standard management reporting system for both financial and non-financial performance indicators. We also provide you with services to prepare the periodic management reports for your business.


Working Capital Management and Workflow Optimization

KPMG Accountants can help you improve the management of your working capital by means of targeted quantitative analyses. Via targeted interviews or workshops we can find the reasons behind inefficiencies in your working capital. On the basis of that analysis, we can then formulate appropriate recommendations. 


Profitability analysis 

This analysis offers insight into the factors that affect the profitability of an organization. In this regard we look not only at the profitability of a given organization but also at its productivity and the use of its capital. Based on scenario analysis, we develop - along with you - recommendations for improving your profitability.  


Comparative analyses (benchmarking) of your company

As business owner, you constantly need to keep an eye on your business performance to meet your strategic objectives. A solid and comparative overview of the (financial) performance of your competitors or sector is therefore a useful tool. KPMG Accountants can help you by comparing your own financial performance indicators with those of one (or more) reference companies, in order to improve your performance and to position your company in the sector.


Establish administrative organization and internal control

Large, medium or small? Your company has a strong interest in having an administrative and internal control system to prevent, or detect, relevant inaccuracies in time. KPMG Accountants gives you advice on all the methods and procedures that you can implement to minimize internal audit risk within your company.


Centralization, automation and standardization of administrative and accounting processes

The financial function includes the administrative and accounting organization, as well as the information flow of a company. The quality is then extremely important as it has a direct impact on the operation of your business.  KPMG Accountants can advise you in your pursuit of efficient, uniform and centralized practices, as well as in the application of leading practices.

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