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Data Privacy

Data Privacy

Is your organization ready for the new era of data privacy?

Is your organization ready for the new era of data privacy?

In an era of information overload it is time to start thinking about protecting your data.

Companies today need to strike a balance between innovation and service and customer trust.

Some of the most valuable data available is about people: health, financial, employment, purchasing history, relationships, etc. So how do companies find that balance between innovation, service, and customer trust? This challenge raises many questions for daily business.

Challenges companies face:

  • Complexity - Regulation exists on various levels ranging from local laws to international treaties. Simply knowing which laws apply to your organization can be an overwhelming and complex endeavor. 
  • Globalization - Keeping data within the borders of one country is no longer possible, but organizations are often unaware of the extent of their global reach. Practices such as the use of vendors and cloud services have compliance consequences.
  • Constant Changes - The continual and rapid integration of new technology (SaaS, Internet of Things, outsourcing, mobile, etc.) into business processes directly impacts the data types and flows involved. This increases the challenge of managing compliance requirements. 
  • Inconsistencies - Regulations significantly vary by country – in fact an action permitted in one country might be discouraged in another. These inconsistencies can result in non-compliance if inadequately planned for.


How we can help:

  • Working with our dedicated and expert team offers you the following benefits:
  • Enhancing efforts to implement enterprise-wide Data Privacy Identifying and achieving Data Protection needs
  • Developing a sustainable approach toward risks, controls, and compliance management
  • Understanding how privacy can work for you, rather than act as a stumbling block 
  • Building entity-specific frameworks that collect all Data Privacy requirements into a single comprehensive framework, increasing oversight of privacy across domains
  • Providing access to a truly multi-disciplinary, experienced and highly-skilled team.



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