To stay relevant with regards to the rapidly-changing field of technology, organizations must always stay ahead of the curve. CIOs and CTOs have to make critical decisions in order to unlock the value of their existing technology. Whether it’s deploying a large transformation project, fitting your IT strategy to the business strategy or managing multiple vendors of technology, you need to be prepared. 

The digital enablement team of KPMG Belgium can help your organization by enhancing value using four technology pillars:

IT strategy and TOM

Based on these pillars we guide and support technology leaders: from governance and strategy to operations and monitoring.

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IT strategy and TOM

The current digital world requires an IT organization that is closely aligned with the business and one that empowers the company’s business strategy. Opportunities for the use of IT are moving beyond traditional backbone efficiency and effectiveness gains. Modern technology is now enabling a truly connected enterprise – aligning all organizational parts in a digital web OR chain that stimulates the broadening of a customer-centric business defined by sustainable growth.

Our practice supports your business by designing and implementing the IT Strategies and Operating Models that will contribute to your company’s future success.

Enterprise governance of IT

We assess, design and implement the required structures, processes and relational mechanisms based on the COBIT and ISO38500 frameworks to achieve effective Enterprise Governance of IT. Therefore, we address strategic alignment, risk, resource and performance management as well as IT-enabled value delivery. 

IT strategy definition

We assess and assist in defining the strategic ambition, business model, customer strategy, differentiators, organizational capabilities and the IT value chain. Based on all internal and external input, a formal strategy is drafted which can be translated into clear objectives and roadmaps. 

Discover the IT TOM fit for purpose

By identifying the available and required people, processes, technology, performance, capabilities sourcing and overall governance, we assess and identify the operating model fit for your desired purpose.

 Design &shape the IT TOM

KPMG will define, refine and implement the future state IT Target Operating Model (TOM) that is required to achieve your strategic goals.

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Agile Transformation Services

In the current business environment, the prerequisites for client-centric organizations are flexibility, a quick response to customer expectations and the ability to drive innovation. The agile transformation services team within digital enablement can help you implement the agile way of working in your organizational structure across multiple dimensions. Reach out to us for one of the below-mentioned services, and together we can strengthen your business agility.

Agile organizations

We help your organization identify and implement the most suitable target agile operating model and frameworks such as SAFe, LeSS, Spotify, Scrum, etc.

Agile maturity

If your business is already agile, we can audit and review your controls across departments and functions and provide insights into the agile maturity of your organization.

Coach & Train

Together we raise your organization’s agile knowledge to the next level through coaching and training, taking it from a strategic level to a team level. Our experts do this by focusing on understanding and applying agile and lean culture, agile principles and practices.

Agile projects

Do you already have an agile project running or are you planning to start one? We provide independent program assurance on agile projects and even hybrid or non-agile transformation projects. Together we will define and work towards the objectives you want to achieve.


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Technology outsourcing

The current digital world is characterized by rapidly changing technology, high customer and employee expectations and short time to market. It is a sector of innovations composed of an ever-increasing ecosystem of technology partners. KPMG technology outsourcing helps organizations enhance the resulting value generated by their own internal technology, their ecosystem of technology partners and IT outsourcing service providers.

Being technology and vendor independent, collaborative approaches are applied to help organizations select, integrate and manage the right technology outsourcing solutions for their business and transformation projects. Multi-vendor orchestration and agility become the new norm in a digital transformation. Our KPMG professionals place ecosystem monitoring and governance at the core of this digital shift.

We support you during the entire technology sourcing lifecycle for managing IT and business processes, improving performance and laying the groundwork for genuine value adding IT and/or business transformations.

Enterprise governance of IT

This contains the best-suited service delivery approach for the IT ecosystem, incorporating systems, platforms and partners. Support includes the definition of corporate sourcing objectives and pre-requirement, sourcing scenario analysis, supplier model, business case, risks and organizational consequences and implementation roadmap.

Design selection & contracting

Supporting companies with selection and contract support services including, but not limited to, platform, cloud, SaaS, integrated managed services and traditional managed services outsourcing. This encompasses supplier selection strategy, requirements identification, market consultation, request for proposal/agile sourcing process, best and final offer, business case and contracting.

Transition & digital transformation

The primary objective of transition and digital transformation is a successful implementation and/or migration of contracted platform, SaaS or managed services with minimal disruption to the business. Organizational change regarding implementing ecosystem governance plays a key, differentiating role.


Enhancing the value from the implemented digital ecosystem by supporting companies with, among other things, benchmarking, value assurance, contract reviews and renegotiation support.

Digital Ecosystem monitoring and governance

Defining a digital ecosystem monitoring and governance model to help you successfully operate in an ecosystem that consists of multi-vendors, platforms and partners ecosystem. This includes determining the relevant archetypes, the retained roles, the way of working between you and your vendors/partners (agile, DevOps, integrated teams) and future-proof performance management models.


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Cloud & architecture

The technology sector is constantly changing and, as a result, is becoming increasingly complex. Whether you manage technology in-house, in a hybrid solution or in the cloud, having clear oversight of your organization’s technology infrastructure and architecture is key to maintaining business continuity.

Navigating through this complexity and picking a solution that is flexible, scalable, cost-effective and future proof requires great skills. KPMG cloud & architecture can support you with building the future- proof enterprise architecture that best fits your organization. 


With DevOps, we help your organization reduce time spent on software development and improve application stability and development cycles.

Additionally, we help you increase the speed of innovation through industrialization and guidance in your DevOps and architecture blueprints. 

Enhancing and managing wide-ranging service delivery and operations is at the core of what we do in addition to cost improvement, risk identification and mitigation. 

Enterpris Architecture

We evaluate your architecture, on a functional and technical level, and help you identify the most cost-effective infrastructure through best practices and industry standards.

We support you in meeting challenging TCO targets and guide you in identifying and mitigating risks related to security, governance and privacy by putting in place policies and controls.

An evaluation of the robustness, flexibility and cost-effectiveness will let you know if your IT architecture is efficient, affordable and future-proof.

Cloud Migration & Transformation

We can help you with your organization's cloud migration and transformation. This entails Cloud Maturity Models (CMM), Cloud Operating Models (COM) and cloud strategy to help you define your cloud roadmap and adaption.

During the migration and transformation to the cloud, we support you in defining your cloud consumption and cost control model, as well as enhancing your existing infrastructure and architecture. This is all done while keeping continuous integration, security and compliance in mind. 

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Enterprise solutions

KPMG can help you improve value brought through an ERP-enabled business transformation. By doing so, you can reduce risks and uncertainty with the support of a strong multi-disciplinary team of strategy, management and technology consultants. KPMG is a leading (global) system integrator that leverages its product and integration knowledge, services and expertise, within the national and international KPMG network to help you stay competitive.

Focus on front- and back-office processes supported by Dynamics 365 such as marketing, sales, field service, customer service, finance, procurement, HR, warehouse, inventory, project management and project service automation

Industry focus: professional services (All), financial services & public sector (only CRM), All industries (Talent) 

Cloud first strategy: Target size for (combined) CRM/ERP projects about 1000 MD, size for standalone talent/CRM about 500MD

Our services

  • Health assessments on ERP/CRM implementations
  • (Microsoft) ERP implementations
  • (Microsoft) CRM implementations
  • ERP add-ons
  • Power platform