In order to offer their employees more flexibility in their compensation package, KPMG has developed the Reflex Tool. An application through which employees can compose their own salary package autonomously.

Because many of today's employees are looking for and want more flexibility, KPMG, an audit and consultancy company, has developed the "Reflex Tool" in-house. Its purpose? To enable employees to manage the distribution of their salary package themselves, in complete autonomy.

It has now been six years since we developed and implemented it within the company. It is the solution we developed to meet modern day requirements. Our employees today all have different needs, we can no longer offer the same package to everyone. Plus we have a lot of young workers who have been raised on Netflix, Spotify and other networks. They're in need of such a tool.

Olivier Vanneste
Reward Partner at KPMG

In concrete terms, the tool works like an application that's managed online. "The employee can see the total budget of his or her salary package and can also run simulations. Under the principle of communicating vessels, he or she will for example choose additional days off and immediately see the "net" impact that this choice has on his or her salary. Once the employee is happy with the choices, he/she signs a contract which is then approved.

This allows employees to put together the package that best suits their needs," explains Olivier Vanneste. Via this Reflex Tool, KPMG employees can choose additional days off, a smartphone, meal and eco-vouchers and many other extra-legal benefits. However, the application is especially useful for designing a personal mobility plan.

Mobility among the most popular choices

"Our employees have a growing interest in mobility issues. Most of them use our tool to compose their mobility package. Having a large company car is no longer a priority for some of our employees. They often choose a smaller car to receive other benefits in return. Some of our employees who live in cities even choose to give it up completely in favor of a bicycle lease, for example," says Olivier Vanneste.

Certain benefits such as company cars, bicycles or smartphones have to be chosen with a fixed period, often linked to the duration of the leases and subscriptions. Others, such as additional vacation days, can be taken at any time of the year via the application.

Although advantageous for employees, this tool also represents a considerable time saving for the company's Human Resources department. Currently, more than 80% of KPMG employees compose their own compensation and mobility package via the Reflex Tool. "And I can assure you that those who do not yet do so are happy to know that it exists. They know that if their family circumstances change, for example, they will be able to adjust their package according to their needs," says Olivier Vanneste.