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KPMG Reward Practice

KPMG Reward Practice

Why choose KPMG for the implementation of your cafeteria plan?

Our reward team acts as your one-stop-shop, specializing in HR, communication, IT, tax, social security and labor law. This way all bases are covered when implementing your flexible reward plan. In addition, the tool offers a high degree of flexibility as it can be tailored to the cafeteria plan of your organization and can be adapted based on the benefits you decide to offer to your employees. This way we customize our assistance to exactly what you need.

The platform has been designed to be used in a very intuitive way, helping to make the sometimes complicated world of flexible payrolls or mobility plans understandable for your people. With the Flex Reward Tool you can offer:

1.Flexible Rewards:

Employees can create budget, choose benefits and simulate the impact of their choices in the cafeteria plan in a user-friendly environment. The processes are fully automated to decrease the administrative burden for HR and your employees.

2. Flexible Mobility:

Employees can choose alternative mobility measures, create budget by downgrading their company car and see the immediate impact on their mobility budget and cash for car.

3.Total Reward Statement:

Our web-based tool provides your employees with a real-time view of their total reward package.


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