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Engineering & Asset Management

Engineering & Asset Management

Our team brings an integrated approach to help clients develop effective, efficient and safe operation of physical assets and infrastructure.

We help develop effective and safe operation of physical assets and infrastructure.

Governments and the private sector are increasingly reliant on improving the management of their physical asset portfolios, as well as new and existing infrastructure, to achieve their financial, operational and social objectives. Capital-intensive businesses (such as power & utilities, Defence, healthcare, education, telecommunications, mining, oil & gas, and transportation) are under constant pressure to cope with growing demand, comply with new regulatory requirements, reduce costs and meet changing customer expectations. The challenge is to identify how major assets can deliver more for stakeholders while balancing cost, risk and performance.

At KPMG, our proven ability to work with our clients to develop and link business strategy with operational action through data-informed decision-making, leads to effective, efficient and safe operation of physical assets and infrastructure across the asset life cycle. This approach is underpinned by our experience and technical expertise, and focuses on realising customer and stakeholder value by design.

We bring an integrated systems approach to solution development, which ensures that all facets of an organisation’s asset management system are considered and that there is alignment with an organisation’s value framework, operational context and risk management. To achieve this, we bring together specialist skills in strategic planning, systems engineering, asset data analytics and performance measurement, reliability engineering, buildings and infrastructure planning, logistics, organisation and workforce design, and many other disciplines necessary for successful system development, design, implementation, and decommissioning.

Our engineering and asset management framework includes many supporting activities.


  • Requirements analysis and evaluation against current asset portfolio
  • Risk assessments for capital programs and operating environments
  • ISO55000 maturity assessments and improvement roadmaps
  • Asset performance measurement, data analytics and data maturity assessments
  • Probabilistic Risk assessment


  • Strategic asset management planning and management system design
  • Decision frameworks for asset and value management
  • Capital program planning
  • Business cases development focusing on total value and the link to organisational objectives 
  • Requirements development and trade off analysis to manage future risk
  • Scenario and operational modelling


  • Procurement, program and project management assistance for the delivery of capital programs, facilities and infrastructure
  • Stakeholder engagement and statutory approval support
  • Asset operating model reforms


  • Enterprise asset management system and asset information quality improvements 
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Maintenance strategy development via RCM and other techniques
  • Process redesign to maximise value and eliminate inefficiency

KPMG will work with you to realise the full potential of your assets.

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