The future of education

The future of education

As the world changes rapidly, so too must Australia’s education ecosystem to ensure that our students are ready for anything.

As the world changes rapidly, so too must Australia’s education ecosystem.

The demand for skills is changing immensely due to disruption and technology, but is Australia's education ecosystem suitably preparing students to thrive in this dynamic new world of work?

As whole industries revolutionise, jobs disappear and roles that we can't yet envisage unfold, it is evident that what is being taught may not align with emerging opportunities.

While there has been a focus on developing STEM skills (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) more shifts are needed across the entire ecosystem – from early learning through to higher education, and into lifelong learning.

It is time for everyone involved in education to open up to new ways of delivering what students of all ages need. It will require a better understanding of the desired student experience and ensuring culture within our institutions is ready to adapt to the new technologies, partnerships and teaching and funding models in order to deliver them.

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