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2016 International Annual Review

2016 KPMG International Annual Review

KPMG professionals anticipate, innovate and deliver in more than 150 countries around the world. Read about it in the 2016 KPMG International Annual Review.


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The theme of the 2016 Review is “Anticipate. Innovate. Deliver.,” reflecting how KPMG professionals have worked in the past year to take on the challenges of clients around the world.  The Review is designed in an all-digital format, with video content that will enable you to hear from our Global Chairman, John Veihmeyer, and other global leaders on highlights across the KPMG network.

The Review emphasizes that building trust is at the foundation of everything we do and provides a view of the many ways this is manifested. It begins with a relentless focus on audit quality, and includes being a leading voice in the global dialogue on responsible tax, as well as helping businesses to have more trust in the data & analytics that drives their business decisions and to be better able to guard against cyber threats.

Innovation is a consistent theme in the Review. You can see how KPMG is helping clients to manage in an era of transformational change, addressing strategic issues for growth such as the impact of sector convergence, building customer loyalty, and accelerating business transformation. In addition to providing a number of client case-studies, the Review highlights how KPMG is forming alliances with leading technology companies to accelerate innovation.

Over the past 12 months, KPMG firms recruited more than 37,000 graduates, helping to grow the total global workforce to 189,000.  The Review discusses what makes KPMG a home for extraordinary talent, and how we are meeting the learning needs of a changing workforce. 

Improving our communities is central to KPMG’s values and purpose, and the Review illustrates our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals, with a focus on our global citizenship priority of lifelong learning. Global climate response is another of our priorities, and the Review discusses how we have reduced our environmental impact across our network and the new goals we have established. 

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