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The value of Information Technology in Zambia cannot be overstated.

The value of Information Technology in Zambia cannot be overstated.

Given today’s tough competition in the Zambian business climate, as well as their experience of Information Technology (IT) system implementation projects, chief financial officers and other executives from various business units are focusing more on IT efficiency, IT effectiveness, productivity and cost optimisation. IT problems impede company development, damaging their reputation and leading to a loss of customers, reduced market value, and hinder growth. In connection with this, the requirements for IT service managers are increasing significantly and becoming more complex. On one hand, IT has to help a company meet market demands, focusing on cutting costs and increasing return on investment; on the other, it has to help the organization function effectively and provide access to the necessary management information.

KPMG Zambia’s IT advisory team understands the challenges in the IT arena and is geared to cut through the complexity.

Our IT team understands the importance of IT to your entity. We are the clear choice for entities in Zambia when it comes to the following value based hallmarks:

  • Improving business performance
  • Achieving cost efficiencies through IT 
  • Completing projects on time and on budget 
  • Increasing the success rate of corporate information system implementation projects
  • Turning risk and compliance efforts into opportunities
  • Enhancing and preserving value

KPMG Zambia’s IT Advisory professionals provide their recommendations independently of system integrators, software vendors and third party business process performers. Our in-depth knowledge of the Zambian IT sector, as well as our close cooperation with KPMG professionals working with other business segments, allow us to help our clients not only to provide effective solutions to current issues, but also to get a better idea of where improvements can be made in the following areas:

  • Development of operational IT strategies
  • Overseeing system migrations
  • Improving business performance
  • General IT Controls
  • Application controls
  • Project Management of the Implementation of IT systems

We apply technology and information to enhance business performance

  • Tailored advice geared to client specific needs
  • World class capabilities customized to the Zambian climate
  • Independent advice: No ties to vendors
  • Advice and offerings that are innovative, practical and risk considerate
  • Advice and capabilities that add fast and sustainable value.

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