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Control Self Assessment

Control Self Assessment

KPMG’s Control Self-Assessment (CSA) services can be used by internal auditors to oversee and confirm the application of the control framework.

CSA services are used to oversee and confirm the application of the control framework

KPMG’s Control Self-Assessment (CSA) services enable an organizations’ auditable entities to self-assess adoption of and compliance with control frameworks on a periodic basis. CSA can be used by internal auditors to oversee and confirm the application of the control framework.

Our service offering

Control Self-Assessment (CSA)

CSA can be used as an enabler on Internal Audit and/or Internal Control projects. 

The Potential Benefits:

  • CSA enhances the control consciousness of the people who are responsible for controls within the organization;
  • The organization optimizes its control frameworks;
  • The Internal Audit function enhances both its coverage and efficiency;
  • CSA enables early identification of problem areas in the control environment;
  • This also shifts assurance to the 1st Line of Defense to achieve a reduction in the cost of control; and
  • CSA compliments the combined assurance agenda.


Our CSA services fully integrate with our Internal Audit Methodology to offer:

  • Scalability, in terms of control application and coverage across multiple auditable entities
  • Repeatability, allowing management to assess their level of control adoption, as well as operational effectiveness, on an ongoing basis reflecting the progress made in improving the control environment
  • Focused effort,  as results clearly highlight areas of concern for follow-up
  • Automation, simplifying the issuing, collating and reporting of a CSA.

CSA Cycle:

KPMG’s CSA includes a structured, four phased deployment cycle, ensuring that a consistent and optimized approach is followed:

  • Dynamic reporting
  • Dynamic planning
  • Management self-assessment
  • Independant assurance

How we can help

  • Assist in the production of documentation, policies and procedures
  • Develop a CSA Control Framework
  • Provide CSA Training
  • Implement a CSA tool- Provide independent assurance.

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