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Transforming businesses onto the cloud and into the future

Transforming businesses onto the cloud

Transforming business functions for a faster, lower-risk implementation to the cloud

Transforming business functions for a faster, lower-risk implementation to the cloud

Where challenges stop, opportunities start

Growing demand for faster, more agile delivery of transformation initiatives, changes in traditional lines of control, and managing complex cloud environments are all challenges organisations are facing. The pace of technological innovation is fierce, which means businesses always have something new to consider as they ponder the next round of change.

An outcome-driven approach to business transformation

KPMG is at the forefront of helping businesses contemplating technology-driven change in their HR, finance, EPM and procurement functions, with Powered Enterprise – our outcome-driven business transformation approach.

As part of our approach, we help with developing and executing strategic vision and technology roadmaps. We offer structured implementation programs, a pre-defined target operating model, service delivery models, business processes, and pre-configured solutions.

Powered Enterprise is not just about migrating finance systems or the supply chain to the cloud. From evidence-based HR to customer-centric business models, it can help to unleash new levels of agility, insight, efficiency and performance. The value is multiplied when it connects the dots across the business – whether it is finance, HR or procurement.

What’s in the box?

Powered Enterprise provides a formidable combination of leading practices and processes, proven technology solutions and a next-generation delivery framework. This is a truly integrated solution: every component has a role to play in extracting the maximum value from technology and helping to achieve the outcomes you need.

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