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Political Risk Assessments

Political Risk Assessments

Assisting companies with the strategic management of companies to identify, assess, mitigate and manage political risks

Assisting companies with the strategic management of political risks

How KPMG Forensic can help

Political risks are uncertainties to business objectives, created by political actors or political conditions. Political risks can stem from international organisations, governments, non-governmental organizations, state-owned enterprises, trade unions and other groups (religious factions, civil society and terrorists groups) that pursue political objectives. 

The aim of political risk assessments is to assist companies and those charged with the strategic management of companies to identify, assess, mitigate and manage political risks.

Political risks that may impact business objectives are:

  • Government structures and political environment
  • Prevalence of bribery and corruption and the impact thereof on business practices
  • Capital control legislation and regulations
  • Issuing of licences required for operation, licence conditions and cancellation of licences
  • Expropriation and nationalisation
  • Protests and strikes
  • Regulatory landscape, regulatory enforcement and changes to regulations
  • Taxation
  • War and terrorist activity
  • Prevailing health and sanitary conditions

How can we assist?

We can assist with:

  1. Identification of political risks and opportunities
  2. Qualitative and/or quantitative assessment of identified political risks on business
  3. Scenario building to develop risk mitigation strategies to better prepare companies for and understand the environment they are developing in

Our specialist team, obtains, extracts and analyses information from open information sources and may perform interviews to supplement electronic information and prepares tailor-made reports, based on individual client requirements.

Our team has cross-functional knowledge and experience in international relations, economics, political science, finance, accounting, regulatory affairs, anthropology, intelligence and information gathering, collects and analyses relevant information to assist our clients in the process of political risk management.

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