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Corporate Intelligence

Corporate Intelligence

Helping clients make key strategic decisions about issues such as financial transactions, boardroom appointments, and fraud investigations.

KPMG helps clients make key strategic decisions

Corporate intelligence is an invaluable aid to sound business decision making.

How KPMG Forensic can help

Our clients make key strategic decisions about issues such as financial transactions, pre-client/ customer acceptance, boardroom appointments, know your client (“KYC”) regulations, and fraud investigations. Operating in unfamiliar territories with individuals and companies can unwittingly expose our clients to a variety of risks such as political risk, security breaches, fraud and theft. We attempt to provide our clients with scenarios of future events enabling our clients to make strategic decisions. Through the work we undertake, we provide detailed insight into matters that are critical to a client’s strategic decisions and business operations, both current and future.

Our Corporate Intelligence solutions are partly informed by information gathering from public sources which we rate according to their reliability. These sources vary from dedicated databases to formal and social media, and are gathered electronically or by manual process.

We also perform human intelligence gathering by interviewing persons we consider to be reliable sources of relative information. The information so gathered is then analysed with reference to the objectives of the assignment in order to distil intelligence, which is conveyed to our clients with reference to an assessment of the strength of such intelligence.

Client dilemma - our solutions:

  • Understanding business partners
    We help clients bridge the gap between what is known and unknown in relation to a specific business partner or transaction and we help them understand the risks and opportunities around the transaction.
  • Supplier and counterparty risk
    We help clients review counter-parties in their supply chains to determine where there are reputational or financial risks. We identify non-financial and external factors that can affect future financial strength and performance of the company.
  • New market entry
    We help clients review the broader risks around their entry into new countries, especially emerging and unfamiliar markets. We typically provide intelligence and analysis on the people and organisations that are most likely to have an impact on their business. We help clients benchmark and prioritise integrity risks across and within countries.
  • Investigations support
    We support an investigation by obtaining and analysing information on suspected individuals or entities where a client requires a confidential approach. We provide support to corporate and legal clients investigating fraud, corruption or other malpractice and provide intelligence to clients in the context of business disputes and litigation.
  • Asset tracing
    Our asset-tracing abilities help lawyers and our clients to identify and locate assets. Our corporate intelligence professionals help our investigation teams in asset tracing work by providing contextual insight, and geographic and historical reach in the identification and tracing of assets.

Our value proposition

  • Vital insights into critical issues surrounding transactions, business partners, suppliers,counterparties, and entry into new markets. 
  • Detailed understanding of issues affecting relationships driven by both commercial and regulatory requirements.
  • Quality analysis and use of technology in performinganalysis of material supported by Corporate

Intelligence methodology KPMG member firms consistently apply across the globe.

  • Strategic and decision making impact of the work we produce
  • Professionalism in the location, evaluation and analysis of information with discretion in dealing with our clients’ Corporate Intelligence needs foremost in our minds.
  • Flexible approach to reporting
  • Understanding the information environment in Africa


We have dedicated Corporate Intelligence offices in Southern Africa, East Africa and West Africa.

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