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B-BBEE Advisory Services

B-BBEE Advisory Services

B-BBEE Advisory Services

B-BBEE Advisory Services

Businesses thrive on a robust strategy. The increasing role of B-BBEE in the South African business landscape has required business leaders to consider B-BBEE as an integral part of their business. A robust B-BBEE strategy aligned to business strategic objectives, is an integral ingredient in delivering a strategic plan and driving value for business stakeholders in the South African economy. A competitive B-BBEE strategy implemented effectively can provide new growth opportunities and a means of transforming organisations.

KPMG professionals are forward-looking specialists with requisite B-BBEE knowledge and experience who can help align business priorities with market opportunities to develop and implement a winning B-BBEE Strategy.

Our service offerings

We take a practical approach to enhancing value with KPMG’s end-to end B-BBEE Advisory Services assisting clients in various sectors to develop and implement sustainable B-BBEE Strategies. We bring deep technical knowledge of B-BBEE legislation and B-BBEE Codes to design a B-BBEE Strategy aligned to our client’s business objectives whilst achieving legislation objectives.

Our commercial and industry insights coupled with our analytical skills ensure we create value in all our engagements.

Our B-BBEE Advisory service offering includes:

  • B-BBEE Strategy development: Our team collaborates with the organisation’s management to develop a strategy that is aligned to its organisation operations.
  • B-BBEE Strategy implementations: Our team collaborates with the organisation’s management to develop a plan and provide implementers with roadmap and targets to effective implementation of the agreed strategy. 
  • B-BBEE Ownership Structuring: Using our deep B-BBEE, accounting, legal and tax skills, we provide you with ownership options that are relevant to your organisation.
  • B-BBEE Partner due diligence: We help companies assess B-BBEE risks and opportunities in any transaction and analyse the impact of a transaction on B-BBEE scorecard rating.
  • B-BBEE ‘As Is’ and Gap analysis: Based on industry and customer requirements, we assist organisations to understand its current B-BBEE status quo and assess the gaps in relation to its goals.
  • B-BBEE Scorecard ready for rating assessment: We collaborate with management to help in preparing an organisation for a BEE rating.
  • B-BBEE Technical Advisory: We are well placed to assist organizations with B-BBEE regulatory and compliance needs.
  • B-BBEE Competitor Analysis: Our key industry expertise allows us to provide industry B-BBEE benchmarking for organisations.
  • Localisation and Enterprise & Supplier development requirements: We help clients optimize their current business operations to meet localisation and Enterprise & Supplier development requirements

How can we help?

We help our clients turn B-BBEE into a business advantage. We help organisation:

  • formulate comprehensive B-BBEE strategies;
  • achieve improved B-BBEE ratings and assist with preparation a for B-BBEE rating.
  • design and implement processes and initiatives to achieve desired B-BBEE objectives; and
  • find a B-BBEE partner to fit their business strategy

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