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women in tax kpmg south africa

Empowering women in business

Women in Tax

Women in Tax

We look at the exchange of experiences, gain exclusive insights and encourage women to make a difference in their respective work environment.  Whether you are a tax professional or a professional facing tax related matters within administration, the financial industry or in the corporate environment. 

I don't think it's the tax profession specifically keeping women off the top table, so to speak. I think it's across all professions. things are definitely improving in that there is a conscious awareness but I still believe that men get the "benefit of the doubt" a lot more than women - Roula Hadjipaschalis, Partner Corporate Tax and Legal, KPMG South Africa

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Changes to section 10(1)(0)(ii) and the impact on corporate employers - Carolyn Chambers, Global Mobility and Emplyment Tax, KPMG SA,

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