KPMG's Water and Sanitation team helps clients address the issues relating to sustainability and longer-term strategic planning.

KPMG's Water and Sanitation team helps clients with sustainability and strategic planning

Access to safe potable water is fundamental to sustaining health and achieving economic development. With rapid population growth, border disputes, inadequate management of water resources, and the effects of climate change, economic water scarcity has emerged as a key issue. This can in turn lead to food vulnerabilities as well as conflicts over water resources.

KPMG offers support across the water cycle from tap and back. This includes the full spectrum of activities involved in management of the natural resource, the abstraction of water and it management as a service followed by the management of safe and sustainable collection and discharge of wastewater back into the natural resource.

KPMG's Water and Sanitation team helps both public and private sector clients address the specific and immediate issues relating to sustainability, as well as helping with longer-term strategic planning.

The team has a unique blend of skills, experience and tools, as well as scale and reach in all water service areas.

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