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KPMG’s Diversified Industrials team focuses on industrial products, engineering, aerospace and defence and metal industries.

KPMG’s Diversified Industrials team focuses on industrial products, engineering, aerospace

Manufacturing organisations across the globe are confronting unprecedented challenges in a turbulent and uncertain business environment. The engineering and industrial products sector includes industrial conglomerates, building materials, glass products, medical technology, paper and pulp, transportation equipment, machinery and electrical equipment.


Conglomerates comprises large companies involved with multiple business lines in the industrial sector, and with at least two business lines constituting a majority of the company's activities. These groups generally conduct their business across the globe.

Engineering and Industrial Products

Whilst the industry equips nearly all sectors of the economy it only purchases from relatively few sectors. Iron and steel are the main input materials, followed by microelectronics and plastic goods.

The mechanical engineering industry is required to cope with more severe market fluctuations than most other branches of industry.

As a supplier of capital goods, it is highly dependent on the investment activity of the purchasing companies, which are highly sensitive to developments in the economy as a whole.

Metals and Steel

The metals and steel industry is primarily concerned with metallurgy and metalworking.

Cyclical business as it is, metals and steel making still depends on the general level of business activity.

Being historically squeezed between highly consolidated consumers and concentrated raw materials suppliers, metals and steel producers have been trying to gain a minimal degree of independence through pushing on industry consolidation, buying mines and diversifying into high-end sectors.

How we can help

KPMG is committed to the diversified industrial sector, understands its issues and challenges and brings this understanding into the various engagements undertaken. 

Our global diversified industrial practice is dedicated to assisting businesses of all sizes, from large multinational conglomerates to industrial start up companies, confront the complex challenges of today’s constantly changing environment. 

Our services are tailored to the issues and challenges that the industry and your company experience. 

KPMG clients can expect to receive the highest standard of professional services through a business relationship that goes beyond the traditional approach through our specialised products and thought leadership. 

Our comprehensive Business Diagnostic Tool provides executive management with a dashboard of perceived and apparent areas of uncertainty and risk, indicating potential focus areas and opportunities. 

The annual KPMG Global Manufacturing and Metals Outlook provides a comprehensive overview of the global manufacturing sector, along with observations and insights from a wide range of experts and leaders based on current industry wide surveys and executive interviews. 

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