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Banking and Capital Markets

Banking and Capital Markets

The Global Banking and Capital Markets practice combines industry knowledge, tax and regulation experience skills to deliver successful...

The Global Banking and Capital Markets practice combines industry knowledge, tax and...

Disruption. Regulation. Cost. These are three key themes that link the many challenges retail, commercial and investment banks face in today’s rapidly evolving financial services industry. From navigating the phasing out of LIBOR and meeting the demands of the European Central Bank stress test to implementing new technologies such as AI, robotics and blockchain and transitioning to new, low-cost structures while driving value creation – banks are under pressure from several fronts.

KPMG can help. We have a global, multi-disciplinary team of professionals who know how to deliver successful outcomes. Our close connection with regulators, understanding of key issues, and deep industry knowledge aims to lead to smooth collaboration and practical execution. We are continuously evolving and growing to help ensure we always have the capabilities, strategies and alliance partners to deliver the insight-driven, fact-based and technology-enabled services that drive sustainable value.

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The place for Shadow Banking in the economy

Shadow banking entities include, but are not limited to, hedge funds, money market funds, structured investment vehicles, exchange-traded funds, private equity funds, securitisations and other asset-backed financing vehicles. Why is there a need for shadow banks in the corporate world?


Challenges facing the South African derivatives market

The South African derivatives market is facing a game-changing industry shake-up that looks set to fundamentally change its operational structure

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