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Banking and Capital Markets

Banking and Capital Markets

The Global Banking and Capital Markets practice combines industry knowledge, tax and regulation experience skills to deliver successful...

The Global Banking and Capital Markets practice combines industry knowledge, tax and...

Higher capital requirements, simplified legal structures, shrinking spreads, costly regulatory burden and overall market volatility are just some of the challenges that retail and investment banks face in this new era.

KPMG deals with these issues daily in addition to evolving regulatory requirements, cyber security, operations and technology and trade surveillance.

We offer professional services to retail banks, capital markets, exchanges, financial intermediaries (ie. clearing houses) as well as wholesale banks at local, national and global levels.

Smart market participants are seizing this time of change and rethinking their business models, delivery channels, infrastructure, products, services, and optimizing their operations as they expand into new markets to meet the new and demanding needs of their clients.

Our close connection with regulators, comprehension of the key issues and deep client insights help clients minimize impact to their daily operations.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how KPMG can help you achieve your business objectives so please contact us below with any questions you may have.

Traders in stock exchange

JSE Capital Adequacy Requirements

Capital adequacy requirements exist in order to protect investors. These requirements are put into place to ensure that these institutions do not take on excess leverage and become insolvent.

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The place for Shadow Banking in the economy

Shadow banking entities include, but are not limited to, hedge funds, money market funds, structured investment vehicles, exchange-traded funds, private equity funds, securitisations and other asset-backed financing vehicles. Why is there a need for shadow banks in the corporate world?


Challenges facing the South African derivatives market

The South African derivatives market is facing a game-changing industry shake-up that looks set to fundamentally change its operational structure

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