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KPMG’s professionals work together to deliver clear and informed options based on insights and advice for leading Automotive companies.

KPMG delivers clear and informed insights and advice for leading Automotive companies.

Our global automotive team believes it is essential for automotive firms to focus on the following key goals:

Increasing efficiency

Manufacturing firms are continually faced with rising costs. Cost optimisation and supply chain efficiency are just two examples of how firms are able to protect margins by managing cost and thus ensuring long-term profitability.

Identifying competitive advantage

Dealerships have needed to adjust to lower volumes since the market peak in 2006 and ever rising costs and large capital investments. Ensuring that throughput and efficiency of operations is maximised is critical to protect long-term value.

Regulatory issues

Ensuring issues are identified and mitigated as early as possible is vital to achieving the business goals by protecting future profits and preventing negative press.

New regulations require firms to adjust their internal processes to ensure they are understood and correctly implemented, for example APDP and environmental issues.


Taxation is normally one of the largest expense items which do not generally receive the same level of attention as other expenses.

Correctly structuring the business, correctly identifying and accounting for various taxes is vital to protect overall profitability and stakeholder value.